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Happy Young Woman with Proud Mother Looking On

Women, on average, live 5 years longer than men in the US. But there are also specific risk factors when it comes to women's health.


Top 10 Women's Health Concerns

When it comes to health, women can be at risk for a variety of conditions. Fortunately, many can be prevented through awareness and early action.

Women's Sexual Health

Loss of Sex Drive in Women

Loss of sex drive is the most common sexual problem in women over 40, but it doesn't have to mean a loss of intimacy.

Alternative Ways to Tackle Migraine

These nutrients can play a big role in lowering your risk of migraine attacks.

Understanding Menopause

The symptoms of menopause vary for each woman, but they can be managed with hormone therapy, medication and lifestyle changes.

Breast Health and You

Benign Breast Conditions: What You Need to Know

Discovering a lump in your breast can be scary and stressful, but it doesn't necessarily indicate cancer.

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The Different Stages of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer staging describes the extent of cancer in the body. Here is a summary of the stages.

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