Soothing Your Sensitive Skin

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6 Products for Sensitive Skin

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    When you're on the market for sensitive skin lotion and cleansers, it's important to choose products that have added oils and moisturizers and are labeled as gentle or for sensitive skin. If you can find a product that includes ceramides, even better! Ceramides are lipids that are naturally found in the skin and are usually depleted in dry, irritated skin. CeraVe® offers advanced ceramide therapy in a range of products from cleansers to lotions. It's a good basic brand that specializes in sensitive skin care.

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    Arm & Hammer Sensitive Skin_2nd white bottle slide

    Once you've filled your shopping cart with all of the products you use directly on your skin, take a moment to think about the detergents that touch the clothing that ultimately touches your body. Detergent can be a subtle skin irritant, so opt for brands that offer fragrance and dye-free products. ARM & HAMMER™ Sensitive Free & Clear has created a formula that is both perfume- and dye-free, and gentle enough for sensitive skin, giving you a worry-free clean.

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    Body Oil
    neutragena body oil

    Another oldie but goodie is Neutrogena® Body Oil. If you have sensitive skin, oil is one of the best moisturizers to use right after you bathe or shower. It locks in moisture better than creams and lotions and prevents your skin from losing moisture. The Neutrogena brand has been around since 1930 and their signature lightweight sesame oil is available in the original formula or fragrance free. If you like this body oil, Neutrogena has a large line of other skin care products to try. 

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    Shower Gel
    aveeno body wash

    Aveeno® products also have a long history of natural goodness that dates back to 1945. They use soothing colloidal oatmeal, as well as other natural ingredients, to help calm irritated skin. Their bath wash is a great drugstore bargain and they also have a lot of other products to choose from if you find this brand soothes your sensitive skin.

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    Hand Soap

    Our hands are often a hot spot for irritated skin because we wash them many times a day. You should take as much care choosing your hand soap as you do cleanser for your face and body. Cetaphil® is a favorite of doctors and you'll often see a bottle in their office. This gentle skin cleanser is great for hand washing or for any body parts that need a gentle touch.

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    Water Bottle
    sipping schedule water bottle

    You may not expect to see a water bottle on the list for skin care products, but staying hydrated is your secret weapon for maintaining healthy skin. An easy way to make sure you get your recommended 64 ounces of water each day is with a Sipping Schedule water bottle. It marks how much water you should drink by certain times of the day, plus it offers encouraging messages like "Drink Me" and "You Got This, Finish Up!"

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Last Review Date: 2018 Mar 10
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