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Concentrated doctor listening to patient

Many people are reluctant to talk with their doctor about sex. But an honest conversation is the first step in finding treatment for sexual issues.


Vaginal Dryness: At a Glance

Get an overview of vaginal dryness including ways to relieve your symptoms.

Loss of Sex Drive in Women

Loss of sex drive is the most common sexual problem in women over 40, but it doesn't have to mean a loss of intimacy.

Maintain a Healthy Sex Life

Get Smart About STDs

How to Protect Yourself from STDs

If you're sexually active, you need to know the risk factors for STDs and how to prevent them.

Signs of Common Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Watch for these warning signs, since treatment is most effective when started early.

Getting Tested for STDs

Most people with an STD have no symptoms, so it's critical to know your risk factors and get tested early.

Common Sexually Transmitted Diseases

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