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Dental Care for Diabetics Appointment Guide

Ask the right questions at your next doctor’s appointment. Answer two questions below to personalize your appointment guide.
  • When was your last dose of diabetes medicine or insulin?
  • Did you eat your normal meal before arriving?
  • Have you checked your blood sugar recently? What was the result?
  • Do you have your blood glucose monitor with you?
  • What is your most recent A1c result?
  • What medicines do you use to control your diabetes?
  • How do you monitor your blood sugar? How often do you check it?
  • How often do you experience episodes of low blood sugar? High blood sugar?
  • When did you last see your doctor for your diabetes?
  • Describe any oral health problems you are having. Do you have dry mouth, mouth sores, painful or bleeding gums?
  • What new dental symptoms are you experiencing?
  • How long have you had diabetes?
  • Do you have any complications related to diabetes, such as eye problems, numbness, or problems with wound healing?
  • What types of dental problems are more common in people with diabetes?
  • How does my blood sugar control affect my oral health?
  • Do I need to make any changes to my current dental care schedule?
  • Is there an optimal time of day to make my dental care appointments?
  • Do you have my doctor's contact information?
  • Can the stress of a dental procedure affect my blood sugar control?
  • Do any of the medicines you will use during the procedure affect my blood sugar, insulin, or diabetes medicines?
  • Will diabetes affect my recovery time after the procedure?
  • How will the procedure affect my ability to eat afterwards?
  • What medicines will I need after the procedure and do they interact with my insulin or diabetes medicines?
  • Could my diabetes be contributing to my new dental symptoms?
  • How should I care for my mouth, teeth and gums?
  • What exams, tests or procedures do I need for optimal dental care?
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Last Review Date: 2018 Sep 20
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