Artificial Teeth: 6 Things to Know

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    Know Your Artificial Teeth Options to Get Your Smile Back
    Many people lose a tooth or two over the course of their lifetime. Accidents, bruxism (grinding the teeth), gum disease, cancer treatments, and other issues can cause a person to lose some or all of their teeth. Restoring your dentition not only can improve your appearance but help you chew food better. Many dentists offer dental implants to replace lost teeth, but you can choose from many types of artificial teeth, such as dentures or a fixed bridge. Get complete artificial teeth information, including the cost of artificial teeth, before you decide which option is right for you.
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    1. Dental implants are the gold standard of artificial teeth.
    For a near-permanent solution to replace lost teeth, dental implants offer a natural look that can last for decades. If you’re a candidate for artificial teeth, your dentist may discuss two main types of dental implants to replace one or more teeth: endosteal or periosteal. The cost of dental implants varies considerably, depending on how many teeth you need replaced. A single tooth may cost a few thousand dollars, while a full set of upper and lower dental implants can cost 10 times that much.
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    2. Dental bridges are typically more affordable than implants.
    A fixed dental bridge can replace one or two missing teeth more affordably than implants. A fixed bridge contains one or two false teeth plus a pair of crowns on either side. The crowns fit over the healthy teeth adjacent to the gap to hold the bridge in place. Fixed dental bridges can only be removed by a dentist and require no care beyond normal brushing. A fixed dental bridge can last a long time, though eventually they usually must be replaced. Bridges may run a few thousand dollars, and your insurance may cover part of the cost.
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    3. Flexible partial dentures offer a comfortable option.
    A flexible partial denture can replace multiple upper or lower teeth with artificial teeth molded onto a soft resin base that is translucent, which helps it blend in better with your natural gum line. A flexible partial denture uses metal or molded “wings” at each end to wrap around the adjacent natural teeth and secure the denture in place. A partial denture must be removed for sleeping and cleaning. The cost of a flexible partial denture depends on how many teeth are being replaced and can run several thousand dollars if it includes multiple artificial teeth.
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    4. Dentures are full sets of upper or lower artificial teeth.
    You will need to remove these artificial teeth each night for cleaning and soaking while you sleep. Dentures can cost many thousand dollars for a full set made from premium materials with a lengthy warranty against breakage. A full set of artificial teeth also can be made from less-expensive materials that cost only a couple thousand dollars. Keep in mind the total cost of dentures may also involve tooth extractions or other dental procedures that add to the overall price.
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    5. A single arch denture can replace all your upper or lower teeth.
    In the unusual case you have lost all of your teeth in only your upper or lower jaw, you could get a plate of dentures made for only the upper or lower arch. Like a full set of dentures, a single arch denture must be removed for sleeping. The cost of a single arch denture can run several thousand dollars; the cost may be more if you need another type of dental procedure.
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    6. Cosmetic artificial teeth are used for appearances only.
    An affordable alternative to functional artificial teeth, cosmetic teeth can improve your appearance but won’t help you chew better. Cosmetic artificial teeth snap on over the top of your existing teeth, the same way actors use costume teeth to transform into a character. Cosmetic teeth can be purchased directly from suppliers, or you can obtain custom-fit cosmetic teeth from some dentists. Cosmetic teeth can give you an even, white smile for photographs or public speaking, but you cannot eat or drink in them. Standard (non-custom) cosmetic teeth may cost less than $100, while custom-fit options start around $1,000.
Artificial Teeth: 6 Things to Know | Artificial Teeth Options
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