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  • Diet soda is a sugar-free option vs. regular soda—but that doesn't mean it's good for you. Find out if diet soda is bad for you, the effects of diet soda on a keto diet, how diet soda can cause weight gain, and the ways your health can improve when you give up diet soda.
  • Cooking oils can affect the flavor of your food, but what are the best healthy cooking oils? Learn the health benefits of different types of cooking oils—including cooking oils with omega-3—as well as unhealthy cooking oils to avoid.
  • During the pandemic, fitness centers are out and home gyms are in. Get tips for buying at-home exercise equipment, including the types of equipment to buy and options for "smart" gym items.
  • Most people consume enough vitamin B12 foods to prevent a deficiency, but vegetarians and certain other groups who do not eat many animal-sourced foods may be low in B12. Get a list of foods rich in vitamin B12, including vitamin B12 foods for vegetarians.
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