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High Blood Pressure Appointment Guide

Ask the right questions at your next doctor’s appointment. Answer two questions below to personalize your appointment guide.
  • Please describe the symptoms and issues you’re having that led you to schedule this online appointment. Start at the beginning of this current episode and tell me how and when things have changed and progressed.
  • How often do you forget or miss a dose of your high blood pressure medicine?
  • What changes have you made to your diet?
  • How often are you exercising?
  • Have you experienced chest pain or difficulty breathing?
  • Are you having any memory problems or difficulty with thinking?
  • When was your last comprehensive eye exam?
  • Does anyone in your family have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, death due to heart disease, kidney failure, or stroke?
  • Describe your diet. How much salt or sodium do you consume?
  • How often do you exercise?
  • Do you smoke or drink alcohol? How much?
  • What other medical conditions do you have, such as diabetes or sleep apnea?
  • When was your last blood pressure check?
  • What side effects are you noticing with your high blood pressure medicine?
  • What treatments have you tried so far to lower your blood pressure?
  • How do you diagnose high blood pressure?
  • What is my target blood pressure level?
  • Do I have risk factors for high blood pressure?
  • Beyond medications, how do you treat high blood pressure?
  • What are the possible complications of uncontrolled high blood pressure?
  • Do I need to take medicines to control my blood pressure?
  • What is the best high blood pressure medication for me? What are the side effects?
  • What changes do I need to make to my diet?
  • How much exercise should I be getting? What kinds of physical activity is best for me?
  • Should I monitor my blood pressure at home? How often?
  • Do I have other risk factors for heart disease or stroke?
  • Could another medicine control my blood pressure better or with fewer side effects?
  • What is the best treatment for my high blood pressure?
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Last Review Date: 2018 Dec 20
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