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There are many types of hepatitis C and a variety of treatments. Here’s how to find the best options for you.


The Symptoms of Hepatitis C

You could have hepatitis C for years and not know it. Don’t miss these early signs.

How Doctors Diagnose Hepatitis C

You can have hepatitis C without showing any symptoms, so it's important to get tested if you think you may be at risk.

Testing and Treatment for Hepatitis C

At Your Appointment

What to Ask Your Doctor About Hepatitis C

Frequently Asked Questions About Hepatitis C

You’ve heard the name, but do you know the facts about hepatitis C?

Breakthroughs in Treating Hepatitis C

Doctors now have more options than ever to provide effective treatment for hepatitis C.

Healthy Living with Hepatitis C

What to Eat With Hepatitis C

Keeping a healthy diet can reduce the symptoms of hepatitis C and even repair some of the damage already caused by the disease.

Safe Sex Guidelines for Hepatitis C

Protect your partner by taking these steps to reduce your risk of transmitting the virus during sex.

When You Have Hepatitis C and HIV

Because hepatitis C and HIV can be even more dangerous when combined, it's critical to talk to your doctor about your risk factors.

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Complications of Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C can lead to even more serious diseases if not treated properly, so it's important to take action now.

Do You Have the Right Health Insurance?

Open Enrollment season is here. Ask yourself these key questions as you evaluate your coverage options.

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