9 Tech Trends in Health

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    New Technology, New Ways to Stay Healthy
    There was a time when the phrase “fitness technology” conjured images of vibrating belts that shook your belly and emptied your pockets. Or ab-shockers that blasted you with electrical jolts in the name of muscle-building. Luckily, today's fitness technology is light, fun, captivating--and might even make staying healthy something you enjoy.

  • Fitbit
    Smartbands Make Fitness Easy and Fun
    You may have noticed smartbands–such as the Fitbit Flex, Nike+ Fuelband and Jawbone UP24–popping up on your friends’ wrists, or you may already wear one yourself. These trackers help you maintain your fitness goals by measuring distance traveled, heart rate, calories burned and more. Wear them all day and not only track your gym time, but also the exercise you didn't realize you were getting from everyday activities like chasing after your toddler, strolling over to a coworker's cube for small talk, or dancing in the living room when no one's around.

  • June Bracelet
    Bringing Beauty to Wearable Tech
    There are fashion-focused options if you prefer your wearable tech to be more runway than treadmill. The June bracelet includes a jewel-like centerpiece that monitors sun exposure, alerting users when they should apply sunscreen or seek shade. And Tory Burch offers a stylish bracelet that discreetly conceals a Fitbit tracker.

  • Fitness App
    Healthy Eating No Matter Where You Are
    When you're stuck in traffic with errands piling up, it's hard to resist scarfing down a burger from the nearest fast food joint. But better choices may literally be just around the corner. Whether you're trying to lose weight, have a food allergy, or just want a healthy meal, nutrition apps like Eating Out G-Free (for those avoiding gluten) and Food Tripping can help you find the best restaurant choices wherever you are. Pair these with a calorie counting app to help keep your diet on track.

  • Smart phone apps
    Apps Get to Know You Better
    So you've got your fitness tracker, your sun exposure tracker, your nutrition tracker and more. But trying to keep track of all the data across those different apps may make your head spin. Apple Health, Microsoft HealthVault and Google Fit consolidate that information and make it easier to review your complete health stats at-a-glance and even share them with your doctor. They also allow apps to communicate with each other if you choose, such as letting your fitness app use the data from your nutrition app to provide exercise recommendations based on your calorie intake.

  • Human Heart Beats
    Specific Tech for Specific Needs
    If you have a specific medical concern like heart disease or diabetes, you could save time and money with new products that replace frequent in-office testing. The AliveCor Heart Monitor records heart rate and ECG via a small device attached to your smartphone. The Diasend diabetes management system uploads your blood glucose levels to secure cloud storage. Your doctor can remotely access AliveCor and Diasend results using HIPAA-compliant online tools and consult with you about the progress of your treatment without you stepping foot in their office.

  • Smartphone
    Mobile Prescription Therapy Is Always On-Call
    Newly introduced Mobile Prescription Therapy products give you on-the-spot medical advice, like an on-call doctor in your pocket. Not just time savers, these can be life savers as well, as MPT products give you real-time adjustments to your medication. The BlueStar device uses information such as blood sugar levels and carb intake to help diabetics adjust their insulin dosage for any given situation. Because of the medical advice they provide, Mobile Prescription Therapy products are only available through your doctor and should only be used with his or her consultation.

  • Wii Fit
    Video Game Consoles Offer Fitness for the Indoor Set
    Even if you’re not a gamer, a video game console could be a good at-home health investment. Both the Xbox One and Wii U offer fitness options among their usual games. Wii Fit U centers most of its exercises around the Wii Balance Board, while Xbox One Fitness offers a variety of workout programs featuring well-known trainers like Jillian Michaels and Tony Horton of P90X. Don't kick your kids off the console, either. Get them to join you for multiplayer competitions that will make fitness fun for the entire family.

  • Sleep Cycle Application
    The Tech of Your Dreams
    A good night’s sleep can be just as important as a trip to the gym. If you find yourself yawning through the day, sleep tracking apps like Sleep Cycle and Beddit might help. By tracking and analyzing your sleep patterns during the night, these apps help you determine how to fight your persistent grogginess. Some devices, like the Withings Aura, go a step further, bathing you in special lights and sounds to help you fall asleep at night and wake up in the morning.

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    Tech for a Smarter (and Safer) Brain
    A sound body is best paired with a sound mind, but getting a mental workout doesn't mean boring lectures or dry reading assignments. App stores are filled with engaging brain games for any age, such as Lumosity, which seeks to improve your mental skills with challenges designed by neuroscientists. And for athletes, keeping your gray matter safe doesn't necessarily mean sitting on the sidelines. Impact indicators, from companies like Reebok and Battle Sports Science, tell you the severity of a head blow, so you know when to get off the field and get help. The devices are gaining popularity, from youth sports teams to the NFL.

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