2020 Healthy Holiday Gift Guide

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    As we all know, 2020 has been one surprise after another, so here’s your chance to give your friends and family a positive, uplifting surprise to wrap up the year: a healthy holiday gift. What does healthy mean this year? There’s a new focus on mental health, getting outdoors, moving more when you’re indoors, and getting the support you need to roll with the punches. This healthy gift guide delivers in all of those areas and will make gift shopping less stressful during this memorable 2020 holiday season.

  • 1
    For the hip shaker: Body Groove streaming dance party
    Body Groove streaming dance video

    When your daily routine is nonstop video chats, it can be even harder to get your groove back. A subscription to Body Groove streaming dance fitness is a gift that’s guaranteed to make your loved one bust a move. Studies show dancing helps reduce fat, strengthen muscle and bone, lower blood pressure, and boost mental health. The easy-to-follow Body Groove videos are like a fun dance party with friends. They even curate daily playlists, so you’re never bored. No experience required: Body Groove is designed for all ages and fitness levels.

    Average price: As low as $5 per month

    Photo Credit: BodyGroove.com

  • 2
    For the analytical runner: NURVV Run smart insoles
    NURVV insoles and motion sensors

    Sure, you could load up a gift bag with fancy running socks, tanks, and leggings. Or you could go all in with one game-changing gift: NURVV performance tracking insoles. This new running tech improves your run from the ground up. The NURVV Run smart running insoles and lightweight clip-on tracker monitor every step you take, providing unique real-time insights that help you adjust your stride for better performance and safety. The coaching app gives you personalized training guidance and live coaching during your run. It’s the perfect healthy holiday gift for your data-driven running buddy.

    Average price: $299.95

    Photo Credit: NURVV.com

  • 3
    For the over-caffeinated friend: RASA coffee alternative
    Rasa coffee bag

    If you know someone who wants to cut back on their coffee habit, give the gift of RASA. This healthy coffee alternative offers a variety of flavors crafted from organic, sustainable herbs. Their specialty ingredients are blended together to provide lasting energy that nourishes your adrenals, instead of burning them out. Some formulas even have a little coffee included for an extra shot of flavor. Your best bet is to give the sampler that includes Original, Cacao, and Dirty. Or go big with the full pack of all six flavors. Heck, throw in a sampler for yourself!

    Average price: $21 to $36

    Photo Credit: WeAreRasa.com

  • 4
    For the light or heavy lifter: JAXJOX KettlebellConnect® 2.0
    JaxJox KettleConnect 2.0 digital kettle bell

    This healthy holiday gift is great for someone just starting a strength training routine or the person who’s been at it a while and wants a new challenge. The JAXJOX KettlebellConnect® 2.0 is a smart dumbbell that tracks your performance in real time to let you know when you need to step up your game or ease up a bit. JAXJOX uses a proprietary machine-learning algorithm to calculate a personal FitnessIQ score. It also features a special bullet stacking system with a rotating weight-selection core that allows you to quickly adjust the weight from 12 to 42 pounds in seconds.

    Average price: $229.95

    Photo Credit: JAXJOX.com

  • 5
    For someone who’s stressed: Mindful magazine subscription
    Mindful magazine

    To say the least, 2020 has been a challenging year for many, especially when it comes to maintaining your mental health. Mindfulness and meditation practices have been proven to reduce stress levels, improve sleep, and build resilience. If you know someone who could use help coping or wants to take their current mindfulness practices to the next level, a subscription to Mindful magazine is (literally) a very thoughtful gift. Their subscription options suit everyone’s style. You can choose from a printed publication, digital version, or splurge and give a bundle of both. Either way, the lucky recipient will enjoy new tools for finding peace of mind.

    Average price: $24.95 to $29.95 per year

    Photo Credit: Mindful.org

  • 6
    For the hyper-hydrated: LARQ bottle
    Larq water bottle being filled from faucet

    Do you have a friend, family member, or coworker who brings their water bottle everywhere? Then fill their stocking with the world's first self-cleaning water bottle and water purification system: the LARQ bottle. The LARQ stays clean 24/7/365 thanks to a UV-C LED light in the cap that eliminates up to 99.9999% of bio-contaminants from the water and bottle. It keeps you hydrated, healthy, and there’s no more scrubbing with those awkward bottle brushes. The LARQ is also a great gift for hikers and travelers as a quick way to purify water on the go.

    Average price: $78 to $95

    Photo Credit: LiveLarq.com

  • 7
    For the smoothie ninja: Blender Bombs
    Blender Bombs bag in goji, coconut and acai

    Smoothies are the ultimate meal replacement for busy folks and Blender Bombs makes #smoothielife even easier. Your blending buddies will love these simple bombs that are packed with smoothie essentials: almonds, dates, pecans, ground flaxseeds, hemp seed, walnuts, organic chia seeds, organic honey, aloe vera, vinegar, bee pollen, sea salt, cinnamon, and pure vanilla extract. Sounds delicious, right? They also come in a variety of flavors. All you do is toss a bomb in your blender and take it for a spin. Be sure to check out their other smoothie-saving products, gift cards, and a subscription.

    Average price: $24.95 for a pack of 10 blender bombs

    Photo Credit: BlenderBombs.com

  • 8
    For the evening exerciser: Amphipod wearable flashing LED reflector
    Woman running outdoors with Amphipod Vizlet LED reflector

    Spending time outdoors is great for your mental health and the Amphipod wearable flashing LED reflector lets you play it safe outside even during the dark winter months. This cute, clip-on reflector is always ready for adventure and comes in fun shapes: triangles, smiles and flowers. It’s a great stocking stuffer for avid runners, after-dinner walkers, or kids who like to play outside.

    Average price: $9.95 to $19.95

    Photo Credit: Amphipod.com

  • 9
    For strength training in small spaces: ActivBody Activ5 Fitness System
    Woman exercising with Activ5

    Shopping for someone who wants to build muscle, but doesn’t have room for a weight set? Check out the tiny, yet high-tech ActivBody Activ5 Fitness System. This cute little handheld gadget packs a punch, providing easy isometric exercises that allow you to get a complete workout in three 5-minute sessions a day. Their app allows you to track your performance and progress as you get stronger. Plus, they feature hundreds of exercises designed for all fitness levels. It’s the ideal healthy gift for someone who wants to get fit without going to a gym or doesn’t have space for a lot of home workout gear.

    Average price: $109.90

    Photo Credit: ActivBody.com

  • 10
    For someone who needs a pick-me-up: BroglieBox
    Stress Less Broglie Box gift

    After battling her own mental health challenges, Julia Broglie created the BroglieBox to help people experiencing similar issues. This one-of-a-kind gift box is a mental wellness care package that’s filled with products, tools, and resources to support mental health and stress relief. You even have the option to include a personalized handwritten note. BroglieBox features a range of box themes such as Reflect, Focus, Alleviate Anxiety, and Student Success.

    Average price: $40 to $115

    Photo Credit: BroglieBox.com

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