8 Inspiring Reminders When Fighting Fibromyalgia Fatigue

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  • Living with fibromyalgia fatigue on a daily basis can really get you down and leave you struggling to find motivation. At times, it feels like there’s no way to keep going, to maintain focus, and to stay inspired to live positively, or to live at all. However, inspiration surrounds us at every turn as these eight quotes remind us.

  • 1
    Keep trying—you have not failed.
    Woman with hand in hair on city sidewalk

    “To fall is not to fail. You fail when you don't try.” – Superchick, “Get Up”

    It’s easy to think of yourself as a failure when fibromyalgia has taken so much away from you. But you are not a failure. You prove that every day by continuing to try. This song quoted above is about persistence and is a wonderful anthem for those who struggle with the chronic pain and fatigue of fibromyalgia. Keep trying, persist and continue to be the success that you are.

  • 2
    Remember that tomorrow is a new day.
    Woman awakes with a stretch

    “With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

    No matter how overwhelming your fibromyalgia symptoms are today, tomorrow is a new day. Every tomorrow is an opportunity to start over and to have a better day. Allow yourself and your body to rest on bad days, and don’t think about the things you aren’t doing. Just know that if you rest now, you are more likely to have the strength to do things tomorrow.

  • 3
    Just keep swimming.
    Woman freestyling in pool

    "When life gets you down, you know what you gotta do? Just keep swimming." – Dory, Finding Nemo

    When fibromyalgia fatigue takes over, it often feels like you are swimming–upstream. Finding Nemo is full of inspirational gems to help you remember why you are here and that although obstacles will get in the way, you don’t give up. You just keep moving forward. Keep swimming even when it feels you aren’t making any progress. After all, this isn’t a race. If you need a smile and some inspiration on a day when fatigue has taken over, pull out this movie and give it a watch.

  • 4
    Look to your faith for strength.
    Woman praying outdoors

    “Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” – Martin Luther King, Jr

    Holding onto your faith could improve your quality of life. Without faith, it’s virtually impossible to get through the dark days that often come with the fatigue and pain of fibromyalgia. Faith can take many forms, from religious belief, to faith that a treatment will work, to having faith in your support system and community to be there for you.

  • 5
    Rise up like the day.
    Confident woman at her desk

    “In spite of the ache
    I'll rise up
    And I'll do it a thousand times again” – Andra Day, “Rise Up”

    Fibromyalgia hurts. It leaves you feeling lost and fatigued and like there is no coming back, but you will rise up again. Look how many times you’ve already risen with the new day. If you are ever unsure of whether you can push through another day, just consider how many days you’ve already survived.

  • 6
    Stay focused on your goals.
    Woman playing tennis

    “I don't focus on what I'm up against. I focus on my goals and I try to ignore the rest.” – Venus Williams

    If you allow yourself to get lost in the pain and fatigue, you will lose sight of all that is important—of your goals, your hopes, and your dreams. Focus on the endgame, on all that you still have in front of you. Strive for your goals and keep working towards them, even if the steps you take towards reaching those goals are small ones.

  • 7
    Play the hand you were dealt.
    Womans hand holding an ace of hearts playing card

    “It doesn't matter what has happened to you, it matters what you do with what has happened to you.” – Regina Brett

    You are not a victim: You still have control of your life and what comes in front of you. You can’t change the past, you can’t undo chronic illness or regain the time you’ve lost, but you can still choose the life you will live despite the pain and fatigue of fibromyalgia.

  • 8
    Remember that it’s not the end.
    Young, free and wild

    “Everything will be okay in the end. If it's not okay, it's not the end.” – John Lennon

    It’s difficult when you live with the chronic pain and fatigue of fibromyalgia to remember that your life is not over, that there are good things yet to come. But, there is still a great deal of life yet for you to live and many things for you to do. Your plans may have changed, but there is still a plan in place.

  • 9
    Stay Inspired

    You have many sources for inspiration that surround you. Look to your family and friends and remember why you are here. Focus on the things that motivate you and keep those front and center on the bad days when fatigue tries to take over.

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