10 Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Dry Eyes

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Nothing is more aggravating than that feeling of having something in your eye. When you have dry eye syndrome, the sensation never goes away for long. Your eyes are uncomfortable. Your vision may sometimes be blurry.

And your lifestyle may suffer as you find it harder to work on a computer, read a book, or enjoy a breezy day outdoors.

Chances are, you have questions about finding relief—and you want answers fast.

5 Things You Didn't Know About Dry Eye

The following list of questions is a good starting point. Print out the list, add any questions of your own, and bring it to your next doctor’s appointment.

By learning about dry eye syndrome, you can make informed choices about lifestyle changes and treatment options. That’s the crucial first step toward improving your eye comfort and health.

1. What exactly is dry eye syndrome?

2. What factors may be causing or worsening my dry eye symptoms?

3. Could my dry eyes be caused by another medical condition or a medication side effect?

4. How is dry eye syndrome diagnosed?

5. What complications could arise if I leave eye dryness untreated?

6. Could I use over-the-counter artificial tears? If so, which type of product and how often?

7. What lifestyle changes (such as, nutritional supplements, smoking cessation) may be helpful?

8. Do I need prescription medication or any other medical treatment?

9. How can I manage eye dryness related to wearing contact lenses (if applicable)?

10. Can dry eye syndrome be cured?

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Medical Reviewer: William C. Lloyd III, MD, FACS
Last Review Date: 2019 Sep 10
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