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Before your next exam, read some candid advice from doctors on what they want patients to know about their eye health.


Talking With Your Eye Doctor About Glaucoma

Damage from glaucoma can be prevented if treatment starts early.

Dry Eyes and Contact Lenses: Do's and Don'ts

Contact lenses and dry eyes can go hand in hand, so it's important to follow these steps to keep your eyes healthy.

Keep Your Eyes Healthy at Any Age

Contact Lens

Know Your Choices in Contact Lenses

From comfort to convenience, discuss these factors with your eye doctor to determine which contacts are best for you.

A Closer Look at Cataracts

Cataracts generally do not indicate a condition that needs immediate attention, but can be a sign of serious conditions such as diabetes.

Common Eye Symptoms

Finding Relief for Dry Eye Syndrome

At Your Appointment

What to Ask Your Doctor About Dry Eyes

Why It's Important to Treat Dry Eyes

They aren’t just a nuisance. Talk to your doctor to prevent these more severe conditions.

Don't Confuse Dry Eye Syndrome With Allergies

The symptoms of eye allergies and dry eye syndrome are similar, but not the same.

Treating Eye Health with Other Conditions

How RA Can Affect Your Eyes

While RA mostly attacks your joints, it can affect other parts of your body, including your eyes.

What You Should Know About Diabetic Eye Disease

Nearly half of all people with diabetes experience vision loss.

How MS Affects Your Vision

Vision problems are a common complication of MS, but by working with your doctor, you can reduce your risk.

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What Eye Redness Might Mean

Lots of things can make your eyes red. They include irritations, infections, allergies and diseases.

What Happens During Cataract Surgery

Having a cataract makes your vision cloudy. The goal of cataract removal is to let you see more clearly.

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