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Whether you’re traveling from your bedroom to the bathroom or taking a trip overseas, always wear a piece of medical ID jewelry if you have diabetes. That way, paramedics and other health care personnel will know how to help you if you’re sick or hurt and unable to speak. Traditional medical ID bracelets and necklaces feature a basic metal tag etched with key information about you and your condition. This should include your name, diabetes type, allergies, emergency phone number, and whether or not you take insulin. If you like to keep things simple, that’s enough. But if you’d prefer an upgrade in style or function, consider these options.

Glamorous Styles

Wearing a medical alert ID can be lifesaving, but it doesn’t have to be boring. Designers are now offering precious metal bracelets or necklaces, some decorated with beads or crystals. Try sites like Medical ID Fashions, American Medical ID, or Lauren’s Hope for fashionable options. There is a wide variety of styles to choose from. Just make sure the one you pick has a clear place to display your information. For instance, it should have a plate with a Star of Life symbol on it—a star with a serpent and staff in the middle that symbolizes emergency medical care. You can wear your bracelet on either wrist, but make sure it’s easy to find, especially if you wear other jewelry.

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Instant Connections

When you’re in or near home base, some types of jewelry double as entire medical alert systems. With these systems, you install a base unit that taps into your phone line. Then, you wear a small receiver around your neck or attached to your belt. If you have an emergency and can’t get to the phone, just push the button on your receiver. You’ll be directly connected to emergency personnel. They’ll send an ambulance or alert your loved ones as needed.

Several companies offer these types of systems, including LogicMark's Guardian Alert 911 Emergency Alert System and MediPendant. They typically work only within 600 feet or so of your home.

Jewelry 2.0

If you’re out and about, you’ll need a different type of technology. Consider a medical alert bracelet or necklace with a USB flash drive. This small piece of hardware can store your full medical record in PDF files that can be read by almost any computer. The  CARE Medical History Bracelet is one example.

Key Takeaways

  • Wearing a piece of medical ID jewelry helps you receive the right treatment from health care personnel if you’re sick or hurt and unable to speak.

  • Some types of jewelry double as entire medical alert systems. If you have an emergency and can’t reach the phone, you can push a button on your pendant and be connected to emergency personnel.

  • You can also choose medical alert jewelry that contains a USB flash drive, which stores your full medical record in PDF files.
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Medical Reviewer: William C. Lloyd III, MD, FACS
Last Review Date: 2019 Sep 4

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