7 Must-Have Diabetes Products

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    Making Life Easier
    You already know that eating well, exercising, taking your medications, and tracking your blood glucose are essential to staying healthy when you have diabetes. Now, a slew of products can make doing those activities easier—and in some instances, less painful. Here’s a look at seven must-have diabetes products.

  • Diabetes tracking apps
    1. Diabetes Tracking Apps
    Make your smartphone work for you. There’s a wealth of diabetic-friendly applications available. Diabetes Pal (available on iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch) and Glucose Buddy (available on Android, iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch) allow you to record your blood glucose, medication, food, and more, and display them in a graph so you can track your progress.

  • Tablets
    2. Glucose Products
    Soda or juice may be your go-to when you experience hypoglycemia, but new glucose products can make a difference, too. These products, which are often individually wrapped so you can take a specific dose, come in different flavors and as gels, powders, and tablets. Plus, they often don’t contain fat, which can slow glucose absorption.

  • Blood glucose meter
    3. Blood Glucose Meters
    These small machines tell you what your blood glucose is. Most commonly, you prick your fingertip to get a blood sample, and the meter measures your glucose level. The information helps you make choices about food, exercise, and medications. There are many different meters available, so ask your doctor to help you choose.

  • diabetes injectable pen
    4. Insulin Pen
    Discreet and convenient, an insulin pen contains a syringe and insulin in one package. It’s sometimes less painful to use than a standard needle and syringe. Some insulin pens are disposable, which means they’re preloaded with insulin and you throw them out when they’re done. Reusable pens can be refilled with insulin when empty.

  • Apps
    5. Apps to Keep You Fit and Healthy
    Not only can apps help you track blood glucose, they can also help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and lose weight. The Calorie Counter app allows you to track all your meals, as well as exercise and weight. Sleep Time helps you monitor your sleep patterns to make sure you’re getting enough, which is key for diabetes control.

  • Smartphone glucose meter
    6. Smartphone Glucose Meter
    You carry your keys, wallet, smartphone, glucose meter. If you’re tired of juggling so many items, there are products that can help by turning your phone into a glucose meter. These USB-sized devices attach to your smartphone or similar device.  Like a meter, they give you a glucose reading, and an app charts your data so you can examine your blood glucose trends over time.

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    7. Vibrating Pain-Relief Device
    Hate the pain of insulin injections? Meet Buzzy, a bee-shaped device with a cold pack that applies cold and vibration near the injection site. This helps reduce the sensation you feel when you give yourself an insulin injection.

7 Must-Have Diabetes Products

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