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Over-the-Counter Pain Relief Appointment Guide

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Ask the right questions at your next doctor’s appointment. Answer two questions below to personalize your appointment guide.
  • Is your OTC pain reliever managing your pain effectively?
  • How severe is your pain? On a scale of one to 10 with 10 being the worst pain you have ever had.
  • Are you only using one type of OTC pain reliever?
  • What prescription medicines do you take? What other OTC medicines or supplements are you using?
  • Have you started or stopped any of your prescription medicines?
  • Do you need occasional pain relief or is your pain constant?
  • What other symptoms are you experiencing?
  • Do you have any medication allergies?
  • What medical conditions do you have, such as a bleeding disorder or kidney, liver or heart disease? How are you treating and managing them?
  • How much alcohol do you typically drink daily?
  • What side effects are you experiencing with your OTC pain reliever?
  • What is the safest OTC pain reliever for me based on my medical history?
  • What are the potential side effects?
  • How much and how often should I take the OTC pain reliever you are recommending?
  • Are there OTC pain relievers or other OTC medicines I should avoid?
  • Will any of my other medications interact with OTC pain relievers?
  • How long is it safe to use my OTC pain reliever?
  • What are my options if I'm still having pain on my OTC pain reliever?
  • Are there lifestyle changes I can make to help relieve my pain?
  • Is it possible to treat the underlying cause of my chronic pain?
  • Could another medicine control my pain better with fewer side effects?
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Last Review Date: 2018 Dec 20
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