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It isn’t easy choosing health insurance, whether your employer offers it or you’re buying it yourself.


4 Ways to Buy Individual Health Insurance

The Affordable Care Act guarantees access to affordable, comprehensive health insurance plans.

Whom Can You Cover on Your Health Plan?

There are two main types of health plan policies: ones that cover you as an individual and ones that cover your family.

Finding the Right Health Plan

Do You Have the Right Health Insurance?

When choosing health insurance, consider how much you’ve spent out of pocket this year.

Going Beyond Traditional Health Insurance

If you don’t have dental insurance, you can shop for it on the health insurance exchange in your state.

Do You Need Supplemental Health Insurance?

Supplemental insurance isn’t a substitute for regular health insurance; it “fills in the gaps” of what your main policy doesn’t cover.

Managing Your Healthcare Costs

Do the Math

8 Ways to Lower Your Healthcare Costs

You can take steps to lower your healthcare costs, including finding out the prices of services and negotiating fees.

Employer vs. Individual Health Plans

Medicare and You

The ABCDs of Medicare Coverage

Medicare is the largest health insurer in the country, covering nearly 51 million Americans.

New to Medicare? 10 Things You Should Know

Get the facts about Medicare so you can make the right choices during Open Enrollment season.

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