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With more treatment options than ever, it's important to have an informed conversation with your doctor about the right approach for your breast cancer.


Breast Cancer: Symptoms, Causes and Treatments

Get the basics about breast cancer and how to reduce your risk.

What You Need to Know About Breast Cancer

Understand the risks associated with breast cancer and learn about new treatment advances.

The Importance of Early Detection

Your Guide to Mammograms

Get the facts about this common screening for breast cancer.

3D Mammograms: A New Screening Option

For some women, these tests can provide more detailed imaging than standard mammograms.

Now What? First Steps After a Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Learn what tests and treatment options your doctor may discuss.

At Your Appointment

What to Ask Your Doctor About Breast Cancer

Taking on Breast Cancer Treatment


10 Tips for Coping With Chemotherapy

How to find support in handling the physical and emotional side effects of chemo.

What to Expect From Chemotherapy

Prepare for treatment by reviewing these factors with your doctor.

When Breast Cancer Spreads to the Bones

Find out the symptoms to watch for and what treatment options are available.

Latest Advances in Breast Cancer Treatment

Today's breast cancer patients have many new treatment options--with even more on the way.

What to Know About Breast Cancer Surgery

Online Communities for Breast Cancer Support

If you're undergoing treatment for breast cancer, you can connect with others who know what you're going through.

My Breast Cancer Is Different from Your Breast Cancer

Read one woman’s first-person account of her breast cancer diagnosis.

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