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Breast Augmentation Appointment Guide

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Ask the right questions at your next doctor’s appointment. Answer two questions below to personalize your appointment guide.
  • Why are you seeking breast augmentation? What don't you like about the appearance of your breasts?
  • What are your goals for augmenting your breasts?
  • What other medical conditions do you have? Do you take medications?
  • Have you ever had surgeries or biopsies on your breasts?
  • Do you have a family or personal history of breast cancer?
  • Do you smoke or use alcohol or drugs? How much?
  • Am I a good candidate for breast augmentation? What can I reasonably expect breast augmentation to accomplish?
  • What are the different types of implants? What are the pros and cons of each kind? And what type is best for me?
  • What does a breast augmentation procedure involve and what are the potential risks?
  • What's involved with recovery after breast augmentation? Will I have restrictions? For how long?
  • What are my options if I am not happy with the results?
  • Where will my breast augmentation take place? Will I go home the same day?
  • What can I do before breast augmentation to get the best results?
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Breast Augmentation
Last Review Date: 2018 Dec 27
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