Epidural and Facet Injections for Spinal Pain


Sarah Lewis, PharmD

What are epidural and facet injections for spinal pain?

An epidural or facet injection is a procedure to treat or diagnose the source of back or neck pain. They can also help with spinal pain that radiates to other areas, such as an arm or leg. In most cases, epidural and facet injections are part of a treatment plan that includes exercise therapy. Epidural and facet injections can improve your pain and mobility for several months or longer. You can also repeat these injections as needed to maintain results.

Epidural injections involve injecting medicine around a specific nerve in your spine. Facet injections involve injecting medicine into a specific facet joint in your spine. A facet joint, or z-joint, is a joint on the back of your spine where two vertebrae meet. 

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