7 Products that Help Ease Arthritis Pain

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    Non-Drug Pain Relief
    Treatments for arthritis range from exercise, weight loss, and rest to pills, injections and surgery. These treatments can greatly improve your well-being, but they don't always eliminate your pain completely. When you need more relief, the products that follow may be added to your treatment plan. You still might not be totally pain-free, but you may feel a lot more comfortable.

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    1. Brace Yourself
    Sturdy knee braces made of metal, plastic or foam are sometimes used for knee arthritis. The brace, prescribed by your doctor or physical therapist, takes pressure off the affected part of your knee. For some people, this may reduce pain and possibly prevent further joint damage. Be sure to wear the brace exactly as directed.

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    2. Slip On a Knee Sleeve
    Another option for knee pain is a sleeve-like brace made of Neoprene—the stretchy, synthetic rubber that's used in wet suits. This type of sleeve is sold at many pharmacies and sporting goods stores. It provides warmth and pressure, which may ease swelling a bit. Just as important, it's a visible reminder to take care of your knee.

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    3. Sport a Finger Splint
    Arthritis in your hands may lead to painful, bent fingers. A splint stabilizes your finger joints. Some styles allow movement, but only within a healthy range.  This may improve function and help keep deformities from getting worse. Finger splints are prescribed by a doctor or a physical, occupational or certified hand therapist.

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    4. Get a Grip
    If you have arthritis in your hands, you'll appreciate products designed to help you gain a more comfortable grip on various objects. Examples include jar openers, pencil grips, easy-open pill bottles and special kitchen utensils. To check out what's available, visit one of the online specialty stores for people with arthritis.

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    5. Raise Cane
    One-fourth of people with knee osteoarthritis have trouble walking. Using a cane takes some weight off your knee, which may lessen pain and make it easier to get around. If balance is an issue, your doctor may suggest using a cane with four tips for added stability. Your doctor or physical therapist can fit you with the right height and type of cane.

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    6. Step Up Your Shoes
    Foot pain is a common problem for people with arthritis of the knees, hips, ankles or feet. Shoe inserts shift your body weight to reduce pressure on sensitive spots. This can make walking more comfortable and may slow the progression of joint damage in your knee. A physician or podiatrist can prescribe custom inserts.

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    7. Feel the Heat
    Nothing feels better on sore, swollen joints than soothing warmth. Convenient products include electric heating pads, microwaveable heat packs and air-activated heat wraps. For a real treat, consider investing in a paraffin bath, sold at many pharmacies and home stores. This crockpot-like gadget lets you dip your hands and feet into warm wax, which has a soothing effect on joints. To avoid burns with heating products, use low heat settings and limit time to 20 minutes.

7 Products that Help Ease Arthritis Pain

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