Annual Report to the Nation

Each year, Healthgrades Report to the Nation identifies variations in hospital quality to help consumers make informed healthcare decisions. Our reports also investigate the latest trends and innovations that impact patient care.

hospital staff with surgical masks walking in and out of the hospital, with a male patient in wheelchair being wheeled into the hospital
2021 Report to the Nation
Healthgrades conducted an in-depth review of elective care and the importance of quality. This information is particularly timely as patients are scheduling elective procedures after delaying care during early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic. Hospital leaders weigh in on how they are working to reassure patients to seek the care they need and safely welcome them back.

Confident doc
2020 Report to the Nation
To complement this year’s hospital quality analysis, Healthgrades conducted research to understand the perception of hospital quality from three unique points of view: consumers, hospital executives, and clinical leaders.

2019 Report to the Nation
A look at how consumers are becoming increasingly engaged in their healthcare decisions and are turning to hospital quality ratings to support their care choices.