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25 Cities Getting Healthcare Right

Welcome to the Healthgrades National Health Index, a list of 25 U.S. cities leading the way in health and healthcare. Drawing in part from Healthgrades industry-leading quality data, we scored cities around the country on the factors that matter most in a community’s health.

We invite you to explore the 25 cities on this year’s list so you can be proactive in your own health and help build a healthier community for you and your neighbors.

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      Our Methodology

      Healthgrades is the industry leader in connecting patients with quality care, and in helping hospitals evaluate and improve clinical outcomes. The National Health Index is a composite measure that evaluates health and healthcare in 25 featured metropolitan areas in the U.S. from a sample of 43 total metropolitan areas. To score each city, Healthgrades evaluated data from three sources:

      • Healthgrades 2018 award year hospital quality ratings
      • Selected responses from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System 2015 survey
      • The 2015 Association of American Medical Colleges Report on the number of active primary care providers per 100,000 population in the American Medical Association Masterfile
      For more details, view the full National Health Index Methodology.

        Importance of the Four Components* of the Healthgrades National Health Index:

        *Component importance measured as the percentage of the percent variance explained.
        Access to Care
        Risky Behaviors
        Hospital Quality
        Population Health

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