Before any surgery, understand your risks

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Having surgery can be scary—there are real risks involved even if you are healthy. While there are some risks that you can’t control, there are others that you can do something about.

The new Healthgrades Risk IQ Tool provides an easy way for consumers to estimate individual Risk IQ (low, average or high).

Knowing your Risk IQ will:

  • Help you understand your relative risk of dying or experiencing one or more complications during surgery
  • Provide some guidance around your potentially modifiable risks
  • Allow you to reduce this risk by researching hospitals with high quality ratings and providers with the most experience in your area of need
What’s Your Risk IQ?
Find out if you are at low, average, or high risk for potential complications or death for one of six common surgical procedures:
Why Hospital Quality Matters - Find a Hospital Rated 5-Stars: Interactive Map

Choosing the right hospital is as important to your health as choosing the right doctor. Quality can vary significantly from hospital to hospital, and those differences in quality can literally mean the difference between life and death. With Healthgrades, you can research objective patient outcome data to see which local hospital has the best track record for the surgery you need.

Click on the icon in the upper left corner of the map to select from six procedures. Use the zoom button to see hospitals rated 5-stars in your area.

Total Knee Replacement
Hip Replacement
Pacemaker Procedure
CABG Surgery
Bariatric Surgery
Healthgrades Report to the Nation

Our annual Report to the Nation sheds light on the significant variation in health outcomes that exists between hospitals throughout the U.S. This year’s report further explores factors that determine patient risk for complications and mortality with specific surgeries. This research provided the background for development of the Risk IQ Tool.