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Cost-Saving Prescription Discounts for Neurology Patients

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Physicians know all too well that the costs of prescription medications have continued to rise in recent years, and that many patients face challenges in covering the cost of their prescriptions.

A 2022 Department of Health and Human Services report analyzed drug costs increases for January 2022 and July 2022. In January, there was a 10% average increase in drug costs compared to the prior year, followed by another average yearly increase of 7.8% in July.

Meanwhile, more than a quarter (28%) of adults in the United States say they have trouble affording their prescriptions, according to a 2023 survey from the Kaiser Family Foundation. That number goes up to 37% for people who are taking four or more prescription medications.

Prescription discount cards have become a popular way to make prescription drugs more affordable for health consumers. For people without health insurance or whose plans do not cover certain medications, drug discount cards can bring the cost down significantly.

What is Optum Perks?

Optum Perks, a service under the same corporate ownership as Healthgrades, offers a range of drug discounts that can save patients as much as 80% on prescription medications. People can use their Optum Perks card at more than 64,000 pharmacies, including major retailers like Target, Walgreens, and Walmart.

The Optum Perks card is free and there is no signup required. Anyone can use Optum Perks, regardless of their insurance company or even if they do not have any health insurance.

Discounts from Optum Perks cannot be used in conjunction with health insurance, including Medicaid or Medicare. However, in some cases, the discounted Optum Perks price can be lower than the cost with coverage.

Optum Perks drug discounts for neurology patients

For neurologists, Optum Perks offers discounts on several commonly prescribed medications for the conditions you diagnose and treat, including the following.

Clicking the links will allow you to look up current discounts available in your area, which you can then share with patients.


Anticonvulsants for neuropathy

Dementia medications

ALS medications

Parkinson's disease medications


Migraine medications

Muscle relaxants

Pain medications

Insomnia medications

MS medications



Sleep disorder medications

How to get your patients started with Optum Perks

Patients can go to the Optum Perks site to print the Optum Perks discount card, or they can have it texted or emailed to them.

There is also an Optum Perks mobile app patients can download to check for current discounts near them.

Optum Perks is one of many prescription discount services consumers can choose from, including GoodRx, SingleCare, ScriptSave WellRx, and Amazon Pharmacy.

By offering guidance on ways to make prescriptions more affordable, including the Optum Perks discount card, you can help patients get the medications they need and increase compliance with your treatment plans. This can help lead to more successful outcomes and healthier patients overall.

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