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7 Fast Facts About the 2024 Residency Match

The 2024 Main Residency Match broke records for total number of positions offered, nearly half of which were in primary care.

Medical students studying

The results are in: The Main Residency Match 2024 continues the upward trends seen in recent years with another record-setting Match. Not only did the number of matches reach an all-time high, the number of participating programs also passed last year’s peak. Learn more quick facts about Residency Match Day 2024.

1. Match 2024 broke last year’s record for the number of matches made.

A total of 38,941 positions were filled in this year’s Main Residency Match. That number is a 0.5% increase over last year. Of the total postgraduate-year one (PGY-1) positions available, 35,984 were matched. Of the active applicants who submitted rank ordered lists of program preferences, 80.2% matched to PGY-1 positions, a slight decrease from 2023.

2. The number of Residency Match applicants hit an all-time high, driven largely by international medical graduates (IMGs).

A record total of 50,413 graduates applied for the 2024 Residency Match, which represented an increase of 4.7 over 2023. U.S. MD seniors represented the largest group in the Match with 20,296 applicants, down 21 applicants from last year.

The 2024 Match saw significant increases in non-U.S. citizen international medical graduates (IMGs), nearly tripling from 707 last year to 1,986 in 2024. A rise in DO seniors also drove higher applicant participation, with 623 DO applicants in 2024 vs.133 last year.

3. The 2024 Match had a record number of certified programs and positions.

Applicants had the largest number of available programs and training positions in NRMP history. The 2024 Main Residency Match included 6,395 certified programs, 125 more than in 2023. The number of PGY-1 and PGY-2 training positions increased by 2.8% from last year to a total of 41,503 in 2024.

4. Primary care positions hit another record high and accounted for nearly half of all positions offered.

Primary care specialties – defined as family medicine, internal medicine, internal medicine-pediatrics, and pediatrics – represented 46.8% of all positions offered in the 2024 March. The total number of available primary care positions was 19,423, up by 719 from 2023.

However, the overall fill rate for primary care dropped by 1.4 percentage points from 2023, driven primarily by a declining fill rate for pediatrics. While there were more pediatrics positions available in the 2024 Match, the fill rate dropped by about 5 percentage points, from 97.1% in 2023 to 92% this year.

5. Emergency medicine has bounced back from pandemic-driven declines.

Emergency medicine had historically high fill rates of 98–99% before the peak of COVID-19, which put unprecedented strain on the specialty, causing fill rates to decline by 17.9 percentage points in 2023.

The 2024 Match saw emergency medicine fill rates jump back closer to their pre-pandemic levels with a 95.5% fill rate. There were 2,891 positions filled in 2024, an increase of 13.9 percentage points from last year.

6. OB-GYN saw another strong year with nearly 100% fill rates.

OB-GYN has filled more than 99% of its positions every year for the past five years, and 2024 was no different with a fill rate of 99.6%. After the matching algorithm was processed, only six OB-GYN positions went unfilled.

7. Fewer positions went unfilled in the 2024 Match compared to last year.

After this year’s matching algorithm was processed, 2,562 positions went unfilled. That’s a decrease of 123 positions from 2023. Unfilled positions will enter the Supplemental Offer and Acceptance Program (SOAP) for applicants who did not match to a residency position.

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