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11 Doctors to Follow on Instagram

  • In a recent survey, doctors report checking social media three times daily and spending up to 2 hours per day on social platforms. This includes professional social platforms like Sermo and Doximity as well Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. Increasingly doctors are using social platforms in a professional capacity to build their personal brands and to network with their peers.

    Here are 11 doctors acing the Instagram game to build name recognition and connect with patients.

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  • 1
    Dr. Lara Devgan @laradevganmd
    Dr. Lara Devgan @laradevganmd2.jpg

    Dermatologists and plastic surgeons are some of the most popular doctors on Instagram and Dr. Lara Devgan is an informative one to follow. She’s a practicing plastic surgeon in New York, but she does much more. She’s the CEO of her own luxury skincare line, an industry consultant, and a former chief medical officer for cosmetic and aesthetic medicine review site. She’s used Instagram to become a thought-leader in her field and regularly posts before-and-after photos of her treatments.

  • 2
    Dr. Austin Chiang @AustinChiangMD

    Dr. Austin Chiang is a gastroenterologist who uses his social media platforms to advocate for the LGBTQ+ community and promote public health. He is an expert in interventional and weight loss endoscopy. Dr. Chiang has recently taken a position as the Chief Medical Officer of Medtronic’s GI division, and he’ll continue in his faculty roles at Jefferson Health System. He’s racked up nearly 89,000 Instagram followers and is active across You Tube and Twitter as well.

  • 3
    Dr. Michelle Henry @drmichellehenry
    Dr. Michelle Henry @drmichellehenry2.jpg

    Dermatologists are popular on Instagram and Dr. Henry stands out among them with more than 100,000 followers. Her strategic use of social media has made her a sought-out expert in dermatologic surgery and she often showcases procedures in her feed. Like many dermatologists, she also features videos of invasive procedures and before and after photos. Dr. Henry is well-versed at doing media appearances and includes those in her Instagram feed to help enhance her reputation in her field.

  • 4
    Dr. Mike Varshavsk @doctor.mike
    Dr. Mike Varshavsk @doctor.mike2.jpg

    Dr. Mike Varshavski, known as Doctor Mike to his Instagram fans, is a big hit on this social media platform. He practices family medicine in New York and has more than 4 million followers. He makes the most of Instagram by connecting to prospective patients on a personal level with photos of his daily life (and his dogs!). His short videos and Instagram stories are also a big hit.

  • 5
    Dr. Heather Irobunda @drheatherirobundamd
    Dr. Heather Irobunda @drheatherirobundamd2.jpg

    Dr. Irobunda is on the Instagram fast track as one of the most popular Ob/gyn perspectives around. Fans are flocking to the educational content she features on Instagram. She gathered an audience of 75,000 followers. Dr. Irobunda’s appeal lies in her willingness to share information about tricky-to-talk-about subjects related to reproductive health. She uses engaging image carousels and short videos to explain hot topics like period tracking and egg freezing. She’s also an advocate for health equity in healthcare.

  • 6
    Dr. Mike Natter @mike.natter
    Dr. Mike Natter @mike.natter2.jpg

    Dr. Natter focuses his Instagram efforts on his creative side. He’s an endocrinologist and artist who uses his artwork to make health-related topics more interesting and accessible for his followers. His secret sauce is to keep a running dialogue with his fans, sharing great stories and demystifying complex issues with hand-drawn explanations. Some of his followers show up for medical advice, while others are just there for the beautiful art.

  • 7
    Dr. Krupa Playforth @thepediatricianmom
    Dr. Krupa Playforth @thepediatricianmom2.jpg

    Dr. Playforth works as a pediatrician in Northern Virginia and she’s found a unique niche among mom bloggers. She shares real talk about what it’s like to raise two kids in a multicultural household as a working pediatrician. She connects well with other moms by demonstrating how parenting is nothing like the textbooks she read in med school. The Pediatrician Mom™ includes stories of her own experience as a parent, plus tips and tricks she’s learned along the way as a mom and doctor.

  • 8
    Dr. Cedric "Jamie" Rutland @drjrutland

    Dr. Rutland is a triple board certified pulmonologist and a self-professed sneakerhead. He’s also a national spokesperson for the American Lung Association. Dr. Rutland is passionate about education and speaks frequently on pulmonary diseases. He’s amassed more than 80,000 followers on Instagram. He describes himself as a doctor and not an influencer. Outside of work, he’s a husband and father to two young children.

  • 9
    Dr. Andrea Tooley @dr.andreatooley
    Dr. Andrea Tooley @dr.andreatooley.jpg

    Dr. Tooley is an oculoplastic and orbital surgeon at the Mayo Clinic who is passionate about medicine and research. Her nearly 50,000 followers get an inside look at her trying out new surgical equipment, performing complex operations, and learning from other doctors. She’s effective at using Instagram as a networking platform and you’ll often see posts about conferences she’s attending and the peers she’s meeting.

  • 10
    Dr. Hazel Wallace @thefoodmedic
    Dr. Hazel Wallace @thefoodmedic2.jpg

    If you’re looking for a doctor-foodie combo, check out Dr. Hazel Wallace. She’s known as The Food Medic and she focuses on good nutrition and healthy eating. Her recipes and tips for meal prep have brought in more than half a million followers. Dr. Wallace has a clean, consistent brand that uses custom graphics for her recipes and videos. She’s also a pro at creating informative carousels that explain complex medical conditions.

  • 11
    Dr. Nii Darko @drniidarko
    Dr. Nii Darko @drniidarko2.jpg

    Not all doctors who embrace social media stick to one platform or medical topic. Dr. Nii Darko is a general surgeon who has a strong Instagram presence, but also reaches his audience through his podcast “Docs Outside the Box.” That’s where he helps fellow doctors tackle important career (and life) topics like mission, mindset, and money. His goal is to help his peers live their best lives, as well as train them to host their own brand-building podcasts.

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