Dr. Christopher R. Olson, MD

Dr. Christopher R. Olson, MD

Family Medicine | Male | 40 years old

I'm Christopher Olson, a family physician with Mercy Medical Group in El Dorado Hills, California. Thank you for your interest in my information! I graduated from Cornell University in 1997, University of Connecticut School of Medicine in 2001, and Brown University internship/residency in 2004. I am very happy to call Mercy Medical Group my professional home. We are a multispeciality group of hundreds of quality physicians in the Greater Sacramento area. Mercy Med places high emphasis on physician leadership; accordingly, physicians here tend to take ownership of our practices. That translates to more of an "old-school" intimacy between our patients and their docs. I like that. I believe there is no question that strong physical health is interwoven with sound mental health. I've seen plenty of physical ailments arise from paralyzing anxiety or stress. So when I evaluate a patient, I do so from a more holistic perspective, taking into consideration his or her mental and social well-being. That said, I am conscious of an unfortunately common public perception, that "natural is always safer and gentler". In fact, I think a more respectful view of nature is one in which we recognize its strength and power. And so while I subscribe to a more holistic worldview, I do adhere to scientific principles and follow evidence-based medicine. I have been honored to receive a number of awards from my local community. I have been named as a top 3 recipient of the local Style Magazine's Readers' Choice Award for favorite general doctor in the Folsom-El Dorado Hills area for the past six consecutive years. I was ranked #1 in that group in 2015. Similarly, I was honored to receive Folsom Telegraph's Best of the Best award for favorite general doctor in 2015. While these awards are certainly an honor, I do share that honor with my exceptionally compassionate and skilled office staff, and my caring and conscientious colleagues. When we combine compassionate care, a state-of-the-art medical facility, and the physician-leadership philosophy of Mercy Medical Group, I think that's what earns such community recognition. Thank you again for looking at Mercy Medical Group, as well as my own information.Read more

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