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No events relating to foreign objects left in body during a surgery or procedure

4 ratings were as expected

  • Pressure sores or bed sores acquired in the hospital
  • Collapsed lung due to a procedure or surgery in or around the chest
  • Catheter-related bloodstream infections acquired at the hospital
  • Hip fracture following surgery
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Patient experience measures tell you how patients felt about the care they received at the hospital. These measures are based on the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) survey data from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

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Would definitely recommend
12% higher than the national average

Mayo Clinic Health System - Chippewa Valley in Bloomer

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Communication with doctors

Percent of patients who said that doctors always listened to them and explained things well


Communication with nurses

Percent of patients who said that nurses always listened to them and explained things well


Communication about medicines

Percent of patients who said that staff always explained medicines before giving them to patients


Discharge Information

Percent of patients who said they were given information about recovering at home


Care Transition

Percent of patients who said they understood their care needs when they left the hospital


Responsiveness of hospital staff

Percent of patients who said they always received help quickly from hospital staff


Mayo Clinic Health System - Chippewa Valley in Bloomer

National Average


Percent of patients who said the area around their rooms was always kept quiet at night



Percent of patients who said their room and bathroom were always kept clean



Provider Reviews

May 13 2020

Review for Dr. Loftsgaarden

Short of being immediately cured, I couldn't be more pleased. Displays the mental acuity, competence, congeniality that people expect of the Mayo Clinic. Dr. Rentzepis and his staff respond promptly to all inquiries and don't duck the tough questions. I would highly recommend.

Bruce Stewart Apr 06 2020

Review for Dr. Rentzepis

He has been my cardiologist for ten years. He is direct and clear. His diagnosis of my stenotic valve led to a replacement that greatly enhanced my quality of life and very likely saved it. His presentation of options was extremely helpful as I chose among them.

Apr 03 2020

Review for Dr. Alaoua

Dr. Bansal has been my RA doctor since Dr. Shelley left the practice. I find him caring and always spot on in the treatment of my RA. I'm very happy that he's my doctor and plan on seeing him as long as i am able.

DJD Mar 28 2020

Review for Dr. Bansal

Great. I had to switch doctors because my old doctor took an administrative job. Dr. Halverson has been great. Good at getting to the heart of health issues. Great responding to questions through the Mayo portal.

Gary Peterangelo Mar 11 2020

Review for Dr. Halverson

Horrible, degrading, poor communication! erasing vital medication that I severely need! If the patient is not wearing a tuxedo with jewelry she still would most likely look at former Doctors notes and prevaricate the patient as she assessed myself!

Mar 07 2020

Review for Dr. Lenhart

Feb 21 2020

Review for Dr. Storlie

I had double hip replacements and he did an excellent job before and after surgery. He is a top notch doctor!! I only would do this surgery with the best surgeon and that is why I chose him.

Jon Tillung Jan 23 2020

Review for Dr. Stewart

Excellent physician

Stephen Parliament Jan 17 2020

Review for Dr. Alaoua

I have been under his care for approximately 6 months. He is very pleasant and explains things in great detail. I would highly recommend him.

Dec 22 2019

Review for Dr. Thompson

you are the best,,apnay country ka naam roshan kar rahay ho aao,,bless you

shahid hussain syed Nov 04 2019

Review for Dr. Shuja

My brother is being totally ignored by the Dr. No looking to the tests or plans to move forward. Total disappointment!

Oct 28 2019

Review for Dr. Alaoua

Basically told me that women who have children shouldn't run anymore and he told me outright that my body would be shot after 40 so it didn't matter after that.

Sep 24 2019

Review for Dr. Stewart

Horrible combative doctor for some reason and I just went in to establish as a new patient and he made assumptions about me and my health that were completely wrong. Corrected him several times and told him we were not compatible. I have never had a medical professional treat me this way.

Aug 23 2019

Review for Dr. Halverson

Aug 17 2019

Review for Dr. Bansal

Dr. Brand replaced my left hip in 2011 and it has been working flawlessly since then. Now I need my right hip replaced and he is the only one I want to do it. The whole experience - consult, operation, hospital stay and aftercare - was great.

Apr 16 2019

Review for Dr. Brand

He is wonderful. My husband has had many problems with his kidney cancer. Dr Basu has taken great care of him. He makes us feel very comfortable and answers all of our questions. We never feel rushed.

Apr 15 2019

Review for Dr. Basu

I took my Mom to Dr. Thompson today. She is elderly and had painful, thick , calloused nail on foot. It was painful with walking and wearing shoes. He was able to cut nail and we were both very pleased with him. He was very professional and highly recommend.

Mar 26 2019

Review for Dr. Thompson

He is THE BEST! I highly recommend him. He's one very amazing doctor.

Kim Dayton in Eau Claire, WI - Mar 03 2019

Review for Dr. Kincaid

This doctor gave quality of life back to my husband after three years of painfully suffering with many doctors not diagnosing him until we met Dr.Scheifer,with his compassion and confidence along with his expertise as an incredible,gifted surgeon,we are forever grateful.

Holly Mathews in Eau Claire, WI - Mar 02 2019

Review for Dr. Schiefer

Kari Oliver in Merrillan, WI - Feb 25 2019

Review for Dr. O'Connor

Love Dr Kanu! I’m 56 years old and have been on blood pressure meds since I was 16 years old. Dr. Kanu is the only dr who has brought my blood pressure down and kept it down. This Dr has excellent bed side manner and truly cares about her patients. I recommend her to anyone and everyone!

Teresa Macedo-Cribb in Chippewa Falls , WI - Feb 14 2019

Review for Dr. Kanu


Elaine Geissler in Eau Claire , WI - Feb 13 2019

Review for Dr. Schmidt

Listens and works to get at solutions to your problems.

Daniel Homstad in Menomonie , WI - Jan 08 2019

Review for Dr. Thirumalai

AWFUL Podiatrist all the way around. You will be MUCH happier going to any other Podiatrist! Been to him twice for two different issues and his no good.

WI - Dec 19 2018

Review for Dr. Thompson

EAU CLAIRE, WI - Dec 18 2018

Review for Dr. Storlie

Very helpful and explains what is going on in the urinary system. His nurse is very knowledgeable of the urinary system and helps explains things of what is going to happen and what procedure is going to take place.

Oct 22 2018

Review for Dr. Rentzepis

Annoyed Patient in Eau Claire, WI - Aug 17 2018

Review for Dr. Casper

Worst doctor in the area. I have seen multiple specialists and this one in particular didn't know right from left when it came to muscle and nerve pain.

Jul 10 2018

Review for Dr. Loftsgaarden

Acts like he cares, but then doesn't follow through.

Eau Claire, WI - Jun 29 2018

Review for Dr. Wergeland

Very patient, takes time to listen to you and recommend any follow up needed. Very thorough and the nurses and office staff are the best! Everyone in the internal medicine department is being amazing! Your not a number there, your treated with care and compassion. Thank you!

Lori in Eau Claire, WI - Jun 28 2018

Review for Dr. Wergeland

Very inpatient, find another Dr! My mom had been a patient for 6 yrs and he gets worse every yr.

Cindy in Eau Claire , WI - May 16 2018

Review for Dr. Casper

It has been a month since my total hip replacement. My experience with Dr Stewart and his team has been exemplary. From the initial visit, to surgery and then post-op, the they work like a well oiled machine. Best of all, the new hip works great.

Wilma in Chippewa Falls - Apr 09 2018

Review for Dr. Stewart

I've been seeing Dr. Anderson for many years and I would not want to change to another physician. She knows me inside and out. I have complete trust in her care and she is open to hearing from the patient what their thoughts are.

Eau Claire - Apr 02 2018

Review for Dr. Anderson

Mar 04 2018

Review for Dr. Salfiti

I felt that Dr. Setla gave me researched and intelligent advice, She did a thorough examination. She has a kind and caring personality! I very very pleased with my recent appointment. I felt well informed and appreciative of Dr. Setla’s expertise.

Elaine Stelter in Eau Claire, WI - Feb 02 2018

Review for Dr. Setla

WI - Nov 25 2017

Review for Dr. Spritzer

My experience with Dr. Stewart has been awesome. He spends the time with you before and after the surgery and answers all your questions/concerns. The surgery went great and wish I would have had my hip resurfaced years ago.

Jeff Urlaub in Eau Claire WI - Aug 21 2017

Review for Dr. Stewart

Georgia in Bloomer , WI - Jul 01 2017

Review for Dr. Helland

Eau Claire, WI - May 29 2017

Review for Dr. Bansal

Dr. Kanu has horrible communication skills with patients and staff. She has no idea how to treat chronic pain or other chronic illnesses. Hands down, the worst care I have ever had.

Colfax, WI - May 08 2017

Review for Dr. Kanu

Very dedicated and knowledgeable Dr. Answers questions and takes time to explain what he is doing and why. Would highly recommend to others. He is also my husband and daughters Dr.

Jan Manor in Menomonie, WI - May 03 2017

Review for Dr. Primley

Dr. Frodl is very patient, excellent listener, and addresses the concerns you request fully with options. She seems to have a lot of old school qualities.

eau claire, wi - Apr 10 2017

Review for Dr. Frodl

I fired him. He was pompous. Arrogant. He didn't care how I felt. It was a numbers game without any real relief of my symptoms.

Menomonie, WI - Mar 09 2017

Review for Dr. Bingham

My husband and I are very happy with Dr Alaoua's care. I feel he has saved my husband's life twice by recognizing mild symptoms that had major consequences if not recognized.

Spooner, WI - Feb 28 2017

Review for Dr. Alaoua

I would highly recommend Dr. Frodl to my friends and family. She doesn't rush my appointment, listens to everything, and follow-ups timely.

Rochester, MN - Feb 27 2017

Review for Dr. Frodl

Greg in Eau Claire, WI - Feb 22 2017

Review for Dr. Frodl

Disappointing outcome. Felt talked down to and that he just wanted me to go away. The whole experience at this facility felt cult like and untrustworthy.

Eau Claire, WI - Feb 21 2017

Review for Dr. Bansal

We needed a doctor that was more "old school" and Dr, Khatib fit the bill! We were so happy to find him and really feel cared for by him.

Elk Mound, WI - Jan 07 2017

Review for Dr. Khatib

Very thorough, listens and explains everythings so that it is understandable. Professional, great in every aspect that a physician should be.

Chippewa Falls, WI - Dec 23 2016

Review for Dr. Subramanian

Dr. Storie is just fine if you are healthy, but he is not fit to manage complex patients with chronic health concerns. He just does not have time to read the charts and listen to the patient. He suggested I have a hysterectomy after I had already had one two years prior.

Eau Claire, WI - Sep 28 2016

Review for Dr. Storlie

Family doctor for 3 years. Very satisfied. Knowledgeable in many areas. Easy to talk with. Very polite. Spends time to answer questions.

Eric N in Eau Claire, WI - Aug 08 2016

Review for Dr. Cosiquien

Very ill mannered and rude. Doesn't listen to patient needs or wants. Excuses all suggestions and questions from patients.

Eau Claire, WI - Jul 29 2016

Review for Dr. Bingham

Dr. Schiefer listened to all my concerns and explained in detail what he could to to help me.

Rich in Eau Claire, WI - Jul 28 2016

Review for Dr. Schiefer

Eau Claire, WI - Jul 21 2016

Review for Dr. Vanyo

Dr. Reggie has been my regular doctor for two years and he is very polite. I will be moving soon but I would refer anyone looking for a regular doctor.

Eau Claire, WI - Jul 05 2016

Review for Dr. Cosiquien

This is a gentle, humble, skilled, compassionate doctor. He took wonderful care of my mother for 8 years. We love him dearly.

K.L. in Eau Claire, WI - May 27 2016

Review for Dr. Basu

Painted a very grim picture for my condition. Didn't seem like he wanted to get more involved. Generalized my symptoms and condition. I eventually got a second opinion.

Jeanne M. in Eau Claire, WI - May 10 2016

Review for Dr. Stewart

Disappointed Apr 21 2016

Review for Dr. Frodl

Susan in Eau Claire, WI - Mar 19 2016

Review for Dr. Thompson

Awful, scary, I was treated like I didn't matter and she didn't address major concerns I had. Furthermore ordered wrong tests and basically threatened me when prescribing meds. I would say stay far away from this women she has 0 bedside manner and is quite cold.

Mar 19 2016

Review for Dr. Kanu

He wants to get to the bottom of the problems and very easy to discuss the problems I have, very luck that I was introduced to him From ER Dr. Hartman

Dennis Fjelstad in Mondovi, WI - Feb 18 2016

Review for Dr. Bansal

He is a great heart Dr. I have been seeing him for 12 yrs. Last 2 years i hadn't seen him , I had a total hip replacement in Oct. 14 and I have been feeling great on medication

Rice Lake, WI - Feb 09 2016

Review for Dr. Khatib

ldudette in Chippewa Falls, WI - Jan 18 2016

Review for Dr. Woldum

Intelligent, caring, calm.

Steve in Eau Claire - Dec 19 2015

Review for Dr. Bansal


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