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Patients that would definitely recommend
6% lower than the national average

Safety Ratings

How well a hospital safeguards patients from potential complications

No events relating to foreign objects left in body during a surgery or procedure

4 ratings were worse than expected

8 ratings were as expected

  • Death in procedures where mortality is usually very low
  • Pressure sores or bed sores acquired in the hospital
  • Hip fracture following surgery
  • Respiratory failure following surgery
  • Deep blood clots in the lungs or legs following surgery
  • Bloodstream infection following surgery
  • Breakdown of abdominal incision site
  • Accidental cut, puncture, perforation or hemorrhage during medical care
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Hospital Quality

Clinical Ratings

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Patient Experience

Patient experience measures tell you how patients felt about the care they received at the hospital. These measures are based on the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) survey data from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

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Would definitely recommend
6% lower than the national average

Beloit Memorial Hospital

National Average

Communication with doctors

Percent of patients who said that doctors always listened to them and explained things well


Communication with nurses

Percent of patients who said that nurses always listened to them and explained things well


Communication about medicines

Percent of patients who said that staff always explained medicines before giving them to patients


Discharge Information

Percent of patients who said they were given information about recovering at home


Care Transition

Percent of patients who said they understood their care needs when they left the hospital


Responsiveness of hospital staff

Percent of patients who said they always received help quickly from hospital staff


Beloit Memorial Hospital

National Average


Percent of patients who said the area around their rooms was always kept quiet at night



Percent of patients who said their room and bathroom were always kept clean



Provider Reviews

Dr. Wang is always current on new information, very thorough, and excellent at communication. He’s compassionate too.

Jul 30 2020

Review for Dr. Wang

Eugene Piechocki Jun 27 2020

Review for Dr. Zaremba

Dr. Kind, is very nice and professional. Would recommend Dr. Kind to anyone with foot injury.

Jun 02 2020

Review for Dr. Kind

May 20 2020

Review for Dr. Fanopoulos

Dr. O has been my GP for about 20 years, therefore I have seen him for a variety of medical problems, mostly for problems with my nerves. Dr. O. is always sympathetic and is very easy to talk with.

May 18 2020

Review for Dr. Olszewski

Has been my primary physician for years now. Does a great job and I am happy to have him.

Jamie Lockhart Apr 29 2020

Review for Dr. Olszewski

Michael Hopkins Apr 15 2020

Review for Dr. Gold

He has been my physician for 35 years, great guy!

Dennis Staaland Feb 13 2020

Review for Dr. Rudisill

Feb 04 2020

Review for Dr. Lisek

He’s a Wonderful caring doctor!!! I can’t say enough good things about him!

Linda Blakley Jan 31 2020

Review for Dr. Kapoor

Very sweet and kind he saved my feet I would definitely recomend him if you want someone who really care about his patients

Dustina Lopez Jan 26 2020

Review for Dr. Whelan

Dec 16 2019

Review for Dr. Tolentino

I wanted to have a suspected skin cancer looked at and they told me I had to wait 7 months to see Dr Do Iive in Canada?

Melody Zickuhr Oct 29 2019

Review for Dr. Kapoor

Dr. Checo is awesome! I visited her for medication management (in Winston-Salem, NC) as I have had not much success over the last several years with other doctors I have seen. She is so knowledgeable and explains everything very well. She listens and is very personable. I highly recommend her.

Rebecca Thompson Sep 25 2019

Review for Dr. Checo

I would not recommend. Aug 24 2019

Review for Dr. Mohamed

Rachel Aug 16 2019

Review for Dr. Whelan

Jodi T. Aug 09 2019

Review for Dr. Whelan

I have been seeing Dr Goetzen for years. She is by far the best primary doctor I've ever had. She shows genuine concern and is very knowledgeable.

Martha Jul 26 2019

Review for Dr. Goetzen

Very kind, knowledgeable, and gentle doctor...I would recommend him and his staff to everyone!

Martha Jul 26 2019

Review for Dr. Kapoor

I had Dr. Bentkowski as my primary physician for 20 years. He was always thorough, understanding, compassionate, and took the time needed to give proper care. I would highly recommend Dr. Bentkowski.

Drew in Beloit, WI - Jun 20 2019

Review for Dr. Bentkowski

Jun 13 2019

Review for Dr. Mohamed

Tom in Beloit, WI - Jun 13 2019

Review for Dr. Miller

Dr. Paladugu accused my husband of using drugs and not admitting to it. He was beyond rude and we will never go to him of Beaver Dam Hospital again!!

Jun 06 2019

Review for Dr. Paladugu

Great doctor, really helped me

May 25 2019

Review for Dr. Fanopoulos

Apr 14 2019

Review for Dr. Segal

Mar 09 2019

Review for Dr. Weirich

I have been seeing Dr Anjum over 10 years. She is open to alternative treatments, the patient researching illness and treatment and she cares for her patients on a personal level.

Mar 09 2019

Review for Dr. Anjum

Dr Paul has a kindness combined with professionalism that makes me feel confident and secure in his care. I have been mentally unwell for most of my adult life and have seen many different doctors. Dr Paul is a treasure.

Patient in Beloit, WI - Feb 28 2019

Review for Dr. Paul

Absolutely would not recommend him at all, upon reading reviews he finds reasons to let his patience go and with no notice. Your left in the dark with no care if you need it. DO NOT CONSIDER HIM OR YOU WILL BE SORRY!

WI, WI - Feb 24 2019

Review for Dr. Bentkowski

Personable and willing to answer all questions.

David Luebke in Beloit , WI - Feb 13 2019

Review for Dr. Bentkowski

Nov 09 2018

Review for Dr. Wang

Dr. Donnelly was not empathetic, nor was he a good listener. He dismissed my symptoms and their severity both times I saw him. I sought care somewhere else for Interstitial Cystitis. See Dr. Tomera in Beloit, NOT Dr. Donnelly!

Nov 09 2018

Review for Dr. Donnelly

Rockford, IL - Oct 30 2018

Review for Dr. Mohamed


Janesville, WI - Oct 13 2018

Review for Dr. Tyl

Rockford, IL - Aug 28 2018

Review for Dr. Robertson

Totally not happy with my treatment and care from him.

Aug 10 2018

Review for Dr. Weirich

I am having to go back and forth from Iowa to Beloit to help my mom with her cancer diagnosis. I called with a question and Dr. Vogel called me personally to answer my question and ease my worries. That is rare to find and I'm so glad my mom is in his care.

Elizabeth Jul 14 2018

Review for Dr. Vogel

Rockton, IL - Jun 30 2018

Review for Dr. Goetzen

William in South Beloit, IL - Jun 13 2018

Review for Dr. Chughtai

Very caring and compassionate. Takes his time with the patients and listens to all their concerns and answers their questions. Trust him with my life and that of my family.

MILTON - Mar 27 2018

Review for Dr. Chughtai

I had a bad experience with an eye specialist and I looked online to find another in my network....I found Dr. Rojas and I could not be more pleased! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Machesney Park, Illinois - Mar 16 2018

Review for Dr. Rojas

Doesn't care about his patients. My husband and I were both treated poorly by him.

SOUTH BELOIT - Mar 08 2018

Review for Dr. Bentkowski

Mar 07 2018

Review for Dr. Ragotzy

Feb 26 2018

Review for Dr. Egbujiobi

Deanna Kelly in Poplar Grove - Feb 10 2018

Review for Dr. Lucietto-Sieradzki

David Ulven in Rockford, Illinois - Feb 03 2018

Review for Dr. Wang

Indiana - Jan 30 2018

Review for Dr. Iqbal

Ive seen him off and on since I was a teen. Now I bring my children. He is very thorough with a great bedside manner. He takes his time with his patients!

Amanda in ROSCOE - Jan 12 2018

Review for Dr. Segal

Jan 11 2018

Review for Dr. Lauth

Jean Caruthers in Rockton, Il - Jan 08 2018

Review for Dr. Hansen

Rockford, IL - Dec 16 2017

Review for Dr. Loftus

Worst doctor I have ever seen in my life. Spends maybe 5 minutes with you and doesn't actually do anything. He wastes your time and just tries to get you back for more visits for more money. Don't do it. There are way better doctors in the area that are actually good at their job.

Janesville, WI - Dec 15 2017

Review for Dr. Sellman

Patrick Sanders in Rockford, Illinois - Nov 29 2017

Review for Dr. Lucietto-Sieradzki

Nov 23 2017

Review for Dr. Lucietto-Sieradzki

Dr. Checo is kind, supportive, knowledgeable and insightful. She has helped me tremendously and I recommend her without reservation.

Beloit - Nov 14 2017

Review for Dr. Checo

Knowledgable, concerned, answers all questions completely for as long as it takes, businesslike, referred me to mayo clinic that confirmed his diagnosis and treatment for my rare disease, always thinking., I was near death when I first saw him, good now.

Jerome flynn in Janesville,wi - Nov 10 2017

Review for Dr. Murdy

If are looking for controlled substances, don't bother; but if you really need help, she is your best option. After only two visits, my wife is so well, that everybody is surprised.

Janesville, Wisconsin - Nov 09 2017

Review for Dr. Checo

Michelle in South Beloit, IL - Oct 06 2017

Review for Dr. Chughtai

Roscoe, il - Sep 20 2017

Review for Dr. Bentkowski

absolutely . and she is a hottie as a free bonus.

Carter Hall in Rockton, IL - Aug 28 2017

Review for Dr. Zaremba

Excellent doctor, and a very likeable person as a bonus

Carter Hall in Roscoe, IL - Aug 28 2017

Review for Dr. Lisek

South Beloit, IL - Aug 22 2017

Review for Dr. Rudisill

I've been with Dr. Tecarro for 6 years. Absolutely a first rate, caring doctor. Her wisdom saved my life.

Stoughton, WI - Jul 18 2017

Review for Dr. Tecarro

Dr Miller is an outstanding internist! Thorough physical exams--better than anyone else I have seen. Listens to her patients and spends time with them. Caring and compassionate. It was a pleasure to be her patient!

Madison, WI - Jul 17 2017

Review for Dr. Miller

Wonderful GI doc! Clearly explains medications, procedures, and risks and benefits. Patiently answers questions. Meticulous w/ procedures. I love being his patient!

Madison, WI - Jul 17 2017

Review for Dr. Wang

Phenomenal ophthalmologist! Teaches, explains, involves patients in care--and good at procedures. The best!!!

Madison, WI - Jul 17 2017

Review for Dr. Rojas

Renee in Beloit, WI - Jun 21 2017

Review for Dr. Somaraju

Jun 17 2017

Review for Dr. Checo

Very friendly yet a real pro. Explained all to myself and spouse. I am very pleased with her help and follow thru. I would highly recommend to any who have issues such as mine.

Kyle Klett in Beloit, WI - Jun 07 2017

Review for Dr. Ezidinma

very nice doctor very understanding and treated me very well.

jerry harrelson in Columbus, OH - May 08 2017

Review for Dr. Moon

Dr Kind is a very nice podiatrist. He is extremely fast and does a great job. He is only at the Beloit Clinic location on Mondays and Wednesdays but it isn't difficult to get an appt. at all.

Beloit, WI - May 06 2017

Review for Dr. Kind

Michelle in Beloit, WI - Apr 21 2017

Review for Dr. Checo

This Dr. will still do house calls, enough said. She cares for the person she is treating.

Kevin in Richelle, IL - Mar 14 2017

Review for Dr. Lucietto-Sieradzki

Incredibly rude Andy judgmental to me and my mother. We were both her patients and have switched our Gyn care to another MD

Beloit, WI - Feb 17 2017

Review for Dr. Loftus

Terrible bedside manner. Will not give out SIMPLE advice after being familiar with the patients situation unless you make an office visit so he can make money.

Beloit, WI - Feb 17 2017

Review for Dr. Johanson

Dr. Djamili is an amazing physician. Smart, talented terrific bedside manner. You couldn't find a better Nephrologist. UW Health is fortunate to have him on the team.

Middleton, WI - Feb 16 2017

Review for Dr. Djamali

Beloit, WI - Feb 11 2017

Review for Dr. Loftus

Never seems to look at file. Always gets the name of the meds I am on wrong. Very poor dealing with fibromyalgia treatment and won't fully listen to a patient and the pain they are in.

Beloit, WI - Jan 24 2017

Review for Dr. Fanopoulos

I saw Dr. Culp for an urgent care visit regarding a stomach ulcer at Stoughton Hospital. He was outstanding - very attentive and he thoroughly read my health history, which I find is rare in an urgent care doctor. I wish I could make him my PCP.

ss in Madison, WI - Jan 16 2017

Review for Dr. Culp

Joanne Pollock-Cagnoni in Rockton, IL - Jan 14 2017

Review for Dr. Elezi

He really took the time to listen to my concerns! More than anything he was reassuring in finding a way to increase my quality of life. He is intelligent, confident, and helped me find the best treatment.

Tara in Waukesha, WI - Nov 24 2016

Review for Dr. Choudhuri

Can discuss anything with him. Has a positive attitude and will take his time with you.

Wisconsin Happy in Janesville, WI - Nov 22 2016

Review for Dr. Lisek

Dr. Rodriguez was professional, yet he spoke to me like a friend, which put me at ease!

Allison in Madison, wi - Nov 08 2016

Review for Dr. Rodriguez

Dr Sellman took care of my carpal tunnel surgery 2001 and now did my cubital tunnel surgery in 2016. Results have been fabulous! He has always taken the time to explain the issues and explained pros and cons of each type of possible solutions to my conditions.

Jen S in Milton, WI - Oct 31 2016

Review for Dr. Sellman

Steve S. in Sun Prairie, WI - Oct 21 2016

Review for Dr. Trost

Waited over an hour to be seen

DENNIS in Beloit, WI - Oct 17 2016

Review for Dr. Reinicke

Finest physician I have seen. Caring. Intuitive. Loves her patients and the (we) love her.

Burlington, Wisconsin - Oct 06 2016

Review for Dr. Zaremba

Andrea in Rockford IL - Aug 18 2016

Review for Dr. Lucietto-Sieradzki

Had a referral for my 13 yr old - had called three times to sched appoint. Receptionist was rude and told me to just wait, they will call back. Its been 3 weeks and no call. Decided 3 weeks ago to find a professional physician.

susan henderson in Roscoe, IL - Aug 16 2016

Review for Dr. Anleu

Extremely knowledgeable, efficient, and professional. I would definitely recommend this doctor to anyone.

Janesville, WI - Aug 13 2016

Review for Dr. Somaraju

excellent knowledge of his specialty, friendly to a fault. very clear in his explanations.

don knezel in beloit,wi. - Aug 05 2016

Review for Dr. Rojas

Poplar Grove, IL - Jul 27 2016

Review for Dr. Kapoor

Delavan, WI - May 10 2016

Review for Dr. Tecarro

Dr. Kodras has been my doctor for 25 years. He is a good listener and a very wise doctor. I don't know if he is taking any new patients, but I highly recommend him.

Sue G. in Beloit WI - Apr 17 2016

Review for Dr. Kodras

He. Listens, is caring, generally on time, does a complete evaluation.

Apr 12 2016

Review for Dr. Fanopoulos

If not for Dr Z I would be horizontal permanently. She is the best there is.

Ron in Burlington Wis - Apr 03 2016

Review for Dr. Zaremba


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