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Garry Feb 14 2020

Review for Dr. Rossi

Earl Nov 14 2019

Review for Dr. Henne

Dr. Henne is an amazingly competent, incredibly kind professional. He saved my life by detecting my breast cancer early. Her is both on the cutting edge of 3D imaging and a compassionate man. I cannot recommend him more highly.

Mar 27 2019

Review for Dr. Henne

Ryan O'Keefe in Langley - Apr 13 2018

Review for Dr. Morris

I visited Dr. S today. It only took about 2 minutes of his time because it was a simple follow up, but as always, he was warm, respectful and confident. Everything is wonderful with my thumb after his expert surgery!!! Thank you!

Kim in Manson, WA - Dec 06 2017

Review for Dr. Schkrohowsky

Natasha Sustachek in Kingston, WA - May 21 2017

Review for Dr. Henne

I really appreciated Dr. Rossi's softly direct, informative bedside manner. He is the best in the area and extremely knowledgeable. I feel very confident in him as my knee surgeon.

Leavenworth, WA - Apr 03 2017

Review for Dr. Rossi

Jo80 in Sequim, WA - Feb 18 2017

Review for Dr. Henne

bryan maughan in Wenatchee, WA - Oct 23 2016

Review for Dr. Travers

BM in Poulsbo, WA - Jul 19 2016

Review for Dr. Henne

She has no integrity. She was rude to my mother.

Chelan, WA - May 15 2016

Review for Dr. Hutton

I was in very much pain and discomfort. Now I am pain free and relieved. He work miracles on my planter facetious and bone spurn, and torn ligaments, Thank you to you and your amazing staff

jackieavena in Marysville, WA - May 04 2016

Review for Dr. Morris

Little bedside manner, does not explain in detail, impatient, would not recommend...

Wenatchee, WA - Mar 25 2016

Review for Dr. Rossi

I felt very comfortable going to Dr. Henne.

Stvnflt in Sequim, WA - Mar 20 2016

Review for Dr. Henne

Soledad, CA - Dec 29 2015

Review for Dr. Pratt


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