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Dr Dunn was pleasant and easy to talk to. He was very thorough and explained my issue with my knee and ankle and gave me options of what I could do. He was patent and answered all my questions without forcing options on me.

Judith Burfiend Jul 19 2024

Review for Dr. Dunn

I was sent to Dr Patel by another plastic surgeon who said "I am sending you to the person I know fixes problems all the time!!" I was not sure as I was already upset but I had a wonderful experience. From the time I met Dr Patel, I felt very comfortable. He has a wonderful way with patients: I saw...

Marianne R. Jul 18 2024

Review for Dr. Patel

I am a doctor in California and I had read some of Dr. Patel's papers and also one of his textbooks. As I had no success with treatments I decided to fly to Salt Lake to see him. I have now seen him three times and just his explanations and treatment have been eye opening. I am 75% better with my...

Robert A. Jul 17 2024

Review for Dr. Patel

It has only been a few weeks after my face lift with Dr Patel but I am amazed at what my friends, family and even strangers are saying to me. This is a new experience for me. I never thought I was classically pretty but now with all the comments, I am beginning to believe it!!!!! I researched...

Janice D. Jul 09 2024

Review for Dr. Patel

Dr. Carroll changes our lives. My son has cerebral palsy and had a very difficult time walking. Before we had surgery, my son would walk with an extreme inward rotation and severely bent knees. Dr. Carroll carefully and thoughtfully made a plan for him and performed the most amazing surgery to help...

Angela Gagliardi Jul 08 2024

Review for Dr. Carroll


Primary Children's Hospital

100 N Mario Capecchi Dr, Salt Lake City UT 84113


(801) 662-1000

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Where is Primary Children's Hospital located?

Primary Children's Hospital is located at 100 N Mario Capecchi Dr, Salt Lake City, UT 84113. Find other locations and directions on Healthgrades.

Has Primary Children's Hospital won any recent awards from Healthgrades?

No, Primary Children's Hospital has not won any awards in the past few years. Search for Hospitals on Healthgrades to find more.

How do I get in at Primary Children's Hospital?

Phone number, appointment information, and directions can be found on Healthgrades Primary Children's Hospital profile..

How does Primary Children's Hospital rank in terms of safety and outcomes?

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100 N Mario Capecchi Dr

Salt Lake City, UT 84113


(801) 662-1000