Holy Cross Hospital-Mountain Point

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Provider Reviews

Dr. Sundwall is exceptional. He's a consummate listener and asks insightful questions. His compassion is only exceeded by the breadth and depth of his medical knowledge. Dr. Sundwall has helped me improve my overall health immeasurably. For many years, I've used MDVIP physicians. All have been...

William P Kostrewski Jun 28 2024

Review for Dr. Sundwall

I met Dr Cox at my job, as I was stepping in for coworker who was his normal service advisor. We chatted and learned he was a cardio thoracic surgeon. I told him about my recent diagnosis of bicuspid aortic valve. He blew me away by drawing a picture of the heart showing me how and what was wrong...

Christina Gibson-Green Jun 22 2024

Review for Dr. Cox

I had an excellent experience with Shadrick Tillotson. Shad was incredibly thoughtful in the way he asked questions, making my Mom feel comfortable and patient with her. He was easy to talk to, very knowledgeable, and friendly. His assistance was super helpful, addressing all my concerns with care....

Kris Jun 19 2024

Review for Shadrick Tillotson

Has done a great job of helping me and my husband when other doctors have not. Great at diagnosing and prescribing.

Carol Nuttall Jun 06 2024

Review for Dr. Zackrison

Dr. Cox is an outstanding surgeon, whose demeanor of kindness and genuine interest in his patients are evident at all times. My husband Jeff always felt at ease during pre-op and post-op care.

Geoffrey J. Jasmer Mar 30 2024

Review for Dr. Cox


Holy Cross Hospital-Mountain Point

3000 N Triumph Blvd, Lehi UT 84043


(435) 375-3176

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Holy Cross Hospital-Mountain Point located?

Holy Cross Hospital-Mountain Point is located at 3000 N Triumph Blvd, Lehi, UT 84043. Find other locations and directions on Healthgrades.

Has Holy Cross Hospital-Mountain Point won any recent awards from Healthgrades?

No, Holy Cross Hospital-Mountain Point has not won any awards in the past few years. Search for Hospitals on Healthgrades to find more.

Does Holy Cross Hospital-Mountain Point score well in safety ratings?

Healthgrades tracks outcome ratings for 13 hospital services. View more details here.

How do I get in at Holy Cross Hospital-Mountain Point?

Phone number, appointment information, and directions can be found on Healthgrades Holy Cross Hospital-Mountain Point profile..

How does Holy Cross Hospital-Mountain Point rank in terms of safety and outcomes?

Healthgrades provides detailed information on hospital safety and outcomes for patients. Click here to learn more about hospital safety.

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3000 N Triumph Blvd

Lehi, UT 84043


(435) 375-3176