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I have seen dr lisa on and off for years-- when I come back with something that is not working she helps me to devise a new plan to change my thinking and get to my goals.

P. S. Nov 24 2021

Review for Lisa Webb

dr lisa has helped me and my partner through some rough times. She provides just the right amount of support with 'telling you like it really is.'

C. A. Nov 18 2021

Review for Lisa Webb

Lisa Webb is an amazing therapist and has helped me more in a few months than my old one had in years. If you're looking for a new therapist who will listen to you and give you good realistic advice, Mrs Webb is the one

A. W. Nov 18 2021

Review for Lisa Webb

dr lisa has a way of breaking things down to help you map a plan for what to do next. looking forward to my next meetings with her!

P. E. Nov 12 2021

Review for Lisa Webb

Dr, Robins is a great therapist. He has helped me to find solutions to life problems with great care and expertise. I would recommend him to anyone wanting positive change in their lives.

John C. Nov 12 2021

Review for Dr. Robins


Trustpoint Hospital

1009 N Thompson Ln, Murfreesboro, TN 37129

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