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He is a murderer.

Sep 10 2020

Review for Dr. Srivastava

Dr. Gordon has been treating my heart disease since 2017, and I have the utmost confidence in his professionalism, knowledge, and his genuine concern for the betterment of the health of his patients.

Wheeler Jun 09 2020

Review for Dr. Gordon

He is personable and listens to you. Great at solving medical issues.

Linda Byars Leachman May 27 2020

Review for Dr. Chambers

Oct 07 2019

Review for Dr. Haltom

Extremely positive, I trust him 100%. He reviews my entire file every time I have an appointment with him(annually). He informs me of new research and new medications, as well a lifestyle and dietary changes one ought to make.

Volker Paul Westphal Aug 06 2019

Review for Dr. Gordon


Lauderdale Community Hospital

326 Asbury Ave, Ripley, TN 38063

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