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No events relating to foreign objects left in body during a surgery or procedure

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  • Pressure sores or bed sores acquired in the hospital
  • Collapsed lung due to a procedure or surgery in or around the chest
  • Catheter-related bloodstream infections acquired at the hospital
  • Hip fracture following surgery
  • Accidental cut, puncture, perforation or hemorrhage during medical care
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Would definitely recommend
5% higher than the national average

Guthrie Towanda Memorial Hospital

National Average

Communication with doctors

Percent of patients who said that doctors always listened to them and explained things well


Communication with nurses

Percent of patients who said that nurses always listened to them and explained things well


Communication about medicines

Percent of patients who said that staff always explained medicines before giving them to patients


Discharge Information

Percent of patients who said they were given information about recovering at home


Care Transition

Percent of patients who said they understood their care needs when they left the hospital


Responsiveness of hospital staff

Percent of patients who said they always received help quickly from hospital staff


Guthrie Towanda Memorial Hospital

National Average


Percent of patients who said the area around their rooms was always kept quiet at night



Percent of patients who said their room and bathroom were always kept clean



Provider Reviews

Dr sweet, i just want to say, i love that your my Dr. So understanding. So not pushy. And i feel so comfortable talking to you. Thank you Teresa Carrington.

Teresa Carrington Aug 05 2020

Review for Dr. Sweet

Jun 20 2020

Review for Dr. Hoffman

several people recommended Dr. Mast to us, and we are SO grateful they did. Dr. Mast is extremely knowledgeable and patient. We feel very hopeful and that our daughter is in good hands.

patient and knowledgable Apr 21 2020

Review for Dr. Mast

Feb 11 2020

Review for Dr. Levin

Dec 03 2019

Review for Dr. Levin

TB Sep 11 2019

Review for Dr. Levin

I was examined by 7 different drs in a six month period before going to see Dr. Levin. The first 7 had no clue why I could hardley walk. Dr. Levin diagnosed the issue in 15 minutes. Within a months time I was able to walk without a cane . Great Doctor..

Marvin Bingaman Aug 30 2019

Review for Dr. Levin

MJK Aug 21 2019

Review for Dr. Levin

Initial visit Dr. Jarvis seemed very knowledgeable, concerned and allowed us to ask questions.

Mr & Mrs Larry Anderson Aug 09 2019

Review for Dr. Jarvis

R U Kidding Me Aug 08 2019

Review for Dr. Levin

Dr. Ceraolo is a great physician. She is easy to talk with and clearly explains health issues and treatments. I would highly recommend her to friends and family.

Jul 19 2019

Review for Dr. Ceraolo

Dr Lockhard got many new patients because Guthrie got rid of one of the pain management drs. Who was excellent. I found Dr. Lockhard to be short with me and cocky. He wants me to find another pain management dr.

May 29 2019

Review for Dr. Lockard

Excellent physician! Always a pleasure to see him because we feel confident of his care. Simply the best!

Apr 19 2019

Review for Dr. Speicher

They always treat me,(probably),better than I deserve,considering that I don't always go to the doctor when I should.I'm better off because of the special service they provide!!!

Apr 17 2019

Review for Dr. Sweet

I have had issues with my back for many years and got the privilege of getting to see Dr. Levin when he was at the Towanda Memorial Hospital. He fixed the issues with my back and I was perfect for many years. He is the greatest doctor I have ever seen in my 45 years of life.

Apr 10 2019

Review for Dr. Levin

I have never come to trust a Doctor as much as Bruce Levin. He knew exactly what to do for my lumbar disk herniations and he fixed me up! He is a compassionate expert healer with a light-hearted and loving manner.

Mar 25 2019

Review for Dr. Levin


Mar 14 2019

Review for Dr. Kump

Christina H in Philadelphia, PA - Nov 20 2018

Review for Dr. Levin

Dr. Anderson is a caring professional who puts you first. She is highly recommended by other professionals.

Sandi in Williamsport , PA - Oct 18 2018

Review for Dr. Anderson

MR.Brown in PA - Aug 15 2018

Review for Dr. Levin

Mehoopany - Jun 04 2018

Review for Dr. McIntyre

D.M. in Northumberland - May 10 2018

Review for Dr. Levin

After an auto accident 4 yrs ago,I suffer from Cervical Spine issue's.Dr.Levin and his staff are a Godsend !! Their caring, professional mannerism's and genuine concern & help have basically saved my life.He is the ONLY Dr. that has helped to releive any of my pain.They are my " Angel's ".

M.H. in Catawissa - May 10 2018

Review for Dr. Levin

Dr. Levin is the sole reason that I am able to keep working. His treatment for my Back pain is outstanding. I also like that he is very easy to talk to and has a great bedside manor. Finding Dr. Levin was one of the best things that I did in my life.

Kent Dobson in Sunbury, Pa - Apr 22 2018

Review for Dr. Levin

Gillett - Apr 14 2018

Review for Dr. Burkett

Sarah Manns in Buffalo, NY - Apr 04 2018

Review for Dr. Mast

Dr. Kump has a great bedside manner and a great intellect. I was impressed with his thorough exam and down to Earth discussion regarding my treatment.

Wyalusing, PA - Dec 12 2017

Review for Dr. Kump

A horrible doctor. If you want to die, she's the one you go to. Otherwise please look for a different practioner with a better personality and a better bedside manner. Time for her to retire!!

Lisle, IL - Nov 03 2017

Review for Dr. Ceraolo

Most sincerely caring doctor I've ever met. Absolutely wonderful to work with as far as pain goes. Wouldn't ever consider anyone else to treat me. Can't give this man enough thanks. MP

Matt P. in Northumberland, PA - Oct 21 2017

Review for Dr. Levin

Barbara in South Gibson, PA - Oct 06 2017

Review for Dr. Mast

Dr Mast is very caring and informative about Lyme Disease. His staff was very friendly and helpful with directions. They are out in the boondocks!

Philadelphia, PA - Aug 18 2017

Review for Dr. Mast

Denise Copping in Williamsport, PA - Apr 21 2017

Review for Dr. Levin

Lisa Apr 11 2017

Review for Dr. Levin

Muy buena experiencia espero se comuniquen conmigo. Ando buscando al dr José Enrique nazar castillo

Angeles ordoñez in Queretaro, QUE - Apr 10 2017

Review for Dr. Nazar

Dr Lavanture did my wrist surgery and repaired the TFCC tendons and I think he is a great asset to the area. Very willing to meet with and answer patient questions.

Chittenango, NY - Apr 05 2017

Review for Dr. Lavanture

My first visit with Dr. Sattur was very thorough. He gave me quality time and addressed all my questions in terms that I could understand. I have had this disease for over three years and this is the first doctor I feel has listened.

Andrea Gresko in Endicott, NY - Apr 01 2017

Review for Dr. Sattur


Benton, PA - Mar 29 2017

Review for Dr. Ceraolo

T j Graham in Willow Grove, PA - Mar 22 2017

Review for Dr. Levin

Dr. Levin is very knowledgeable, down to earth, straight forward and honest. He was able to accurately diagnose and treat my problem. I would highly recommend him to anyone with a back pain issue. I drive over an hour to see him and it is well worth my time!

Harrisburg, PA - Mar 04 2017

Review for Dr. Levin

Excellent care and personal. Dr. Rynzi and his staff are caring and compassionate with all they do.

Melvin Rountree in Troy, Pa - Mar 03 2017

Review for Dr. Renzi

awesome cares about his patients he is very professional I would highly recommend him can have wait time to see him though but that's what happens when your expertise is exceptional in your field of practice

michellen high in canton,pa - Feb 24 2017

Review for Dr. Levin

doesn't care about the patient, just because he couldn't understand the symptoms I have , weren't common I guess he said they didn't make sense to him or the concerns I had for his way of doing the procedure I was told if I didn't like his way go find another doctor so i did just that

mh Feb 24 2017

Review for Dr. Lockard

Binghamton, NY - Feb 21 2017

Review for Dr. Sattur

C. L. Houck in Enola, PA - Feb 10 2017

Review for Dr. Levin

Dr Levin is extremely compassionate and cares about the well being of all his patients. His staff is responsive and excellent and they go above and beyond to ensure each patient is treated with respect and like a loved one. Thank you Dr Levin and staff for your ongoing treatment.

Jeremy in Morgantown, PA - Jan 12 2017

Review for Dr. Levin

Scranton, PA - Aug 24 2016

Review for Dr. Mast

Rich in Stroudsburg, PA - Aug 19 2016

Review for Dr. Levin

Dr. Lazar is a very competent surgeon and explanes all of his procedures to you. He did the hip replacement in 5 weeks after seeing me the first time. I'm a Viet Nam vet and was not able to get an appointment at their hospital. GREAT DOCTOR.

Bob Meeks in Ararat Pa - Aug 08 2016

Review for Dr. Nazar

I have been going to him for 10 years and he's done a very good job and is currently treating me for lyme disease.

Jennifer H in Laceyville PA - Aug 07 2016

Review for Dr. Mast

Ernie Z. in Elmira, NY - Jul 26 2016

Review for Dr. Lockard

Noel K in Wyalusing pa - Jul 16 2016

Review for Dr. Mast

Dr. Sower by is a credit to his profession. He listens attentively, and is compassionate to the patient. He is a doctor I feel truly cares about each individual. I see him about twice a year and I always leave his office very well informed of the latest treatments affecting my disorder

Mickey C in Sayre, PA - Jul 14 2016

Review for Dr. Sowerby

Dr. Levin is truly an amazing physician. He puts his patients needs first, and is their advocate. Beyond that, he does everything he can to help ease the pain of his patients, and work towards a real solution.

Grace H. in Upper Darby, PA - Jul 06 2016

Review for Dr. Levin

Diane H in Philadelphia, PA - Jun 16 2016

Review for Dr. Levin

This man is rude, unprofessional, has no business being a Dr.

Sarah in Towanda,Pa - Jun 04 2016

Review for Dr. Levin

Treated for Lyme. Excelent results, but you have to follow what they tell you if you want to get better. Staff is busy but always available. Dr is kind and commited. Would highly recommend him.

Diane in Williamsport, PA - May 31 2016

Review for Dr. Mast

Shae & her staff are professional & very caring. In our experience they went above & beyond.

JoAnn W in Covington, PA - May 19 2016

Review for Dr. Anderson

Shawn B. in Philadelphia, PA - Apr 01 2016

Review for Dr. Levin

Great doctor! Knows his stuff! I've been dealing with headache pain for over 27 years. He helped me immediately on my first visit. I will definitely recommend him to others.

Angela F in Lewisburg, PA - Mar 11 2016

Review for Dr. Levin

Patient and takes his time explaining all.

Susan Fifer in Factoryville Pa - Feb 05 2016

Review for Dr. Chilson

Wonderful appointment. Felt very comfortable with thr dr. Staff was also excellent.

Deborah Phillips in Dallas, PA - Jan 28 2016

Review for Dr. Speicher

Too long. Every one scheduled same time. Everyone waits the 2 hours

milton - Jan 26 2016

Review for Dr. Mast

Well where do I start? put it simple HE'S THE WORST DOCTOR I'VE EVER SEEN!! Very unprofessional no, eye contact no sense of humor and forces you to do things you either cant do or don't want to do such as activities, meds, diets which cause worse health conditions and is prone to misdiagnosis

Brooklyn, NY - Jan 25 2016

Review for Dr. Dennen

Doctor has a temper problem, which can be demonstrated at any time, at staff and patient expense.

New York, NY - Dec 30 2015

Review for Dr. Nazar


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