Trinity Medical Center West

Trinity Medical Center West is a medical facility located in Steubenville, OH. This hospital has been recognized for Coronary Intervention Excellence Award™.


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Coronary Intervention Excellence Award™ (2020)

Superior clinical outcomes in coronary intervention procedures (angioplasty with stent)

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Provider Reviews

Love Dr Oser Nov 01 2021

Review for Dr. Oser

Lori Jul 25 2021

Review for Dr. Oser

Dr. Oser is Beyond amazing. He gave me my confidence and Life back. His compassion and down to earth personality equals his knowledge and expertise in the surgery room. Would recommend him 1,000,000%.

Jun 29 2021

Review for Dr. Oser

OUTSTANDING! Apr 24 2021

Review for Dr. Oser

I am forever scarred and still suffering. Surgery went very wrong. I am missing two of my body parts that I was born with. I have been through two surgeries to try and correct this and am looking at a few more. Take my advice, LOOK FOR ANOTHER SURGEON! Do not allow him to touch you!

MR Apr 03 2021

Review for Dr. Oser


Trinity Medical Center West

4000 Johnson Rd, Steubenville, OH 43952

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