Burdett Birth Center

Burdett Birth Center is a medical facility located in Troy, NY. This hospital has been recognized for Labor and Delivery Excellence Award™.


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Labor and Delivery Excellence Award™ (2021)

Superior clinical care of women during and after childbirth

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Provider Reviews

Very good doctor.

Oct 28 2021

Review for Dr. Walders

Samantha Oct 28 2021

Review for Dr. Bloss

Oct 10 2021

Review for Dr. Bloomfield

Had a torn rotator cuff, he saw mri of my shoulder and said nothing was wrong with my shoulder!!! Went to a different doctor and found out I had massive damage to my shoulder which needed to be operated on to subside the pain.

Paul Aug 18 2021

Review for Dr. Musto

Dr. Orsi is the most informed and most thorough physician I have ever known. He is a caring, ighly competent family practitioner.

Robert Stackrow Jun 11 2021

Review for Dr. Orsi


Burdett Birth Center

2215 Burdett Ave, Troy, NY 12180

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