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First Visit he just looked down my throat and gave me a prescription.. I tried to schedule another appointment a year later he refused to see me because I have a balance,said It needed to paid in full or No Service. Times are hard I have Insurance feeling some type of way.

Dallas Dec 02 2021

Review for Dr. Sherrerd

Great. Will be first I recommend to others first.

Eldon Brad Mattson Nov 07 2021

Review for Dr. Arther

He ordered the coronary CTA that actually found my CAD, he was very understanding and compassionate, sad that my insurance no longer allows me to see him.

Debbie Oct 28 2021

Review for Dr. Thibodeau

Dr. inguanzo does a great job to listening to what is wrong and tries to resolve the problem. It is hard to get into sometimes, but otherwise, I would recommend.

Sep 20 2021

Review for Dr. Inguanzo

Would not allow a medical exemption for radical COVID-19 vaccination when work required it. Patient is immune compromised per the doctors treatment. Patient has natural immunity from previous COVID-19 infection.

Aug 19 2021

Review for Dr. Bernal


Chi Health Schuyler

104 W 17th St, Schuyler NE 68661


(641) 321-3041

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104 W 17th St

Schuyler, NE 68661


(641) 321-3041