Essentia Health-Northern Pines (Aurora)

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Provider Reviews

Dr. Boehland was my E.R. Doctor and did a wonderful job.

Jan 02 2022

Review for Dr. Boehland

I've been seeing Ann for a couple years. And I just love how personable she is and open minded. She really cares about her patients and takes the time to make sure she understands everything. I'd give her ten stars if I could!!

Casey Jun 08 2021

Review for Ann Vreeland

Poor rushed in rushed out and didn't take it seriously very rude

rose Jun 08 2021

Review for Dr. Johnson

May 17 2021

Review for Dr. Cary

This doctor was nice to my face but spoke about me in a misleading and discriminatory fashion to a specialist I next saw in the ER and that doctor put it in my medical record.

Apr 08 2021

Review for Dr. Boehland


Essentia Health-Northern Pines (Aurora)

5211 Highway 110, Aurora MN 55705


(218) 258-0376

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5211 Highway 110

Aurora, MN 55705


(218) 258-0376