UnityPoint Health-Iowa Lutheran Hospital

UnityPoint Health-Iowa Lutheran Hospital is a medical facility located in Des Moines, IA. This hospital has been recognized for Outpatient Joint Replacement Excellence Award™.


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Outpatient Joint Replacement Excellence Award™

Outpatient Joint Replacement Excellence Award™ (2024)

Superior clinical outcomes in hospital outpatient total knee and total hip replacement

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No events relating to foreign objects left in body during a surgery or procedure

2 ratings were worse than expected

  • Catheter-related bloodstream infections acquired at the hospital
  • Respiratory failure following surgery

1 rating was better than expected

10 ratings were as expected

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In Hospital

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Complication Based Ratings

Procedure/ConditionIn Hospital

Gynecologic Procedures

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As Expected


In Hospital

As Expected

Complication Based Ratings

Procedure/ConditionIn Hospital

C-Section Delivery

In Hospital

As Expected

Vaginal Delivery

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Provider Reviews

I have been under Dr Lemams care for 4 years. At the initial appointment he took time to do a thorough family history & medical review. He adjusted the plan accordingly to add a colonoscopy. This resulted in findings & surgery that essentially saved my life. He continues to demonstrate the same...

Jun 06 2024

Review for Dr. Leman

My family and I have gone to Dr. A for over 20 years. He is very kind, professional, personable and thorough. He readily answers all your questions and is honest about your skin health. His staff are exceptional. I highly recommend anyone needing a dermatologist to go to him.

May 15 2024

Review for Dr. Abrahamson

Dr Buroker is treating me for breast cancer. I have only met him once, but I hope to have a long and successful relationship. He was so kind and professional. He was extremely knowledgeable without being condescending at all. Dr Buroker was the last one to leave the office, so I know without a doubt...

Becky S. Apr 26 2024

Review for Dr. Buroker

I went to see this guy because he claims to be an 'expert' in treating SIBO. All he did was keep throwing medicine my way. He hardly spent any time with me. Walked in, quickly scanned my list of questions, dismissed me when I tried asking for clarification, and rudely said, 'I know what I'm doing!'...

me Mar 30 2024

Review for Dr. Reyes

Dr. Jones did a hernia repair for me. Everything went smooth. Recovered well. He spoke quickly but confidently. He explained everything and it went according to plan. I am now fully recovered and would recommend him.

Mar 26 2024

Review for Dr. Jones


UnityPoint Health-Iowa Lutheran Hospital

700 E University Ave, Des Moines IA 50316


(515) 263-5612

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is UnityPoint Health-Iowa Lutheran Hospital located?

UnityPoint Health-Iowa Lutheran Hospital is located at 700 E University Ave, Des Moines, IA 50316. Find other locations and directions on Healthgrades.

Has UnityPoint Health-Iowa Lutheran Hospital won any recent awards from Healthgrades?

Yes, UnityPoint Health-Iowa Lutheran Hospital has been awarded with Outpatient Joint Replacement Excellence Award™ in the past two years.

Does UnityPoint Health-Iowa Lutheran Hospital score well in safety ratings?

Healthgrades tracks outcome ratings for 13 hospital services. View more details here.

How do I get in at UnityPoint Health-Iowa Lutheran Hospital?

Phone number, appointment information, and directions can be found on Healthgrades UnityPoint Health-Iowa Lutheran Hospital profile..

How does UnityPoint Health-Iowa Lutheran Hospital rank in terms of safety and outcomes?

Healthgrades provides detailed information on hospital safety and outcomes for patients. Click here to learn more about hospital safety.

Contact Us

700 E University Ave

Des Moines, IA 50316


(515) 263-5612