Ascension St. Vincent Dunn

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Provider Reviews

In a world full of doctors that do not care, Dr. Sheffer does not fit in that category. He goes above and beyond to help me outside of his specialty. I cannot thank him enough for all he has done and continues to do for me. Thank you Dr. Sheffer!!!

Meredith R. Apr 04 2024

Review for Dr. Sheffer

Upon leaving the office, my 90 year old Dad says “ is it wrong to say that I love my cardiologist?” Dr Sheffer is a gem and treats his patients like family. He genuinely listens to what they have to say !!

Kimbra Fickas Mar 29 2024

Review for Dr. Sheffer

Explains very well 1 answers questions does nat rush very pleasant

Stephen L. Schmidt Mar 08 2024

Review for Dr. Bedi

Dr Sheffer is very thorough, kind and patient with his explanations to his patients.

Mari L Feb 13 2024

Review for Dr. Sheffer

He explained in in detail what is going on what the result we be

Djw Feb 09 2024

Review for Dr. Voelkel


Ascension St. Vincent Dunn

1600 23rd St, Bedford IN 47421


(812) 275-3331

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Ascension St. Vincent Dunn located?

Ascension St. Vincent Dunn is located at 1600 23rd St, Bedford, IN 47421. Find other locations and directions on Healthgrades.

Has Ascension St. Vincent Dunn won any recent awards from Healthgrades?

No, Ascension St. Vincent Dunn has not won any awards in the past few years. Search for Hospitals on Healthgrades to find more.

Does Ascension St. Vincent Dunn score well in safety ratings?

Healthgrades tracks outcome ratings for 5 hospital services. View more details here.

How do I get in at Ascension St. Vincent Dunn?

Phone number, appointment information, and directions can be found on Healthgrades Ascension St. Vincent Dunn profile..

How does Ascension St. Vincent Dunn rank in terms of safety and outcomes?

Healthgrades provides detailed information on hospital safety and outcomes for patients. Click here to learn more about hospital safety.

Contact Us

1600 23rd St

Bedford, IN 47421


(812) 275-3331