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Patients that would definitely recommend
9% higher than the national average


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Hospital Quality Awards

Outstanding Patient Experience Award™ (2019, 2018)

Top in the nation for overall patient experience based on nine measures related to doctor and nurse communication, hospital cleanliness and noise levels, and medication and post-discharge care instructions

Safety Ratings

How well a hospital safeguards patients from potential complications

No events relating to foreign objects left in body during a surgery or procedure

1 rating was worse than expected

11 ratings were as expected

  • Death in procedures where mortality is usually very low
  • Pressure sores or bed sores acquired in the hospital
  • Catheter-related bloodstream infections acquired at the hospital
  • Hip fracture following surgery
  • Excessive bruising or bleeding as a consequence of a procedure or surgery
  • Acute kidney dysfunction following surgery
  • Respiratory failure following surgery
  • Deep blood clots in the lungs or legs following surgery
  • Bloodstream infection following surgery
  • Breakdown of abdominal incision site
  • Accidental cut, puncture, perforation or hemorrhage during medical care
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Patient Experience

Patient experience measures tell you how patients felt about the care they received at the hospital. These measures are based on the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) survey data from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

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Patients who gave a rating of 9 or 10
16% higher than the national average


Would definitely recommend
9% higher than the national average

HSHS St. Joseph's Hospital Breese

National Average

Communication with doctors

Percent of patients who said that doctors always listened to them and explained things well


Communication with nurses

Percent of patients who said that nurses always listened to them and explained things well


Communication about medicines

Percent of patients who said that staff always explained medicines before giving them to patients


Discharge Information

Percent of patients who said they were given information about recovering at home


Care Transition

Percent of patients who said they understood their care needs when they left the hospital


Responsiveness of hospital staff

Percent of patients who said they always received help quickly from hospital staff


HSHS St. Joseph's Hospital Breese

National Average


Percent of patients who said the area around their rooms was always kept quiet at night



Percent of patients who said their room and bathroom were always kept clean



Provider Reviews

My mother has been his patient for a few months. When we call his office for updated care instructions we get voice mail with a full inbox 50% of the time. It usually takes 2 to 3 days before we can leave a message and get a call back. Very frustrating.

Jul 05 2020

Review for Dr. Bassman

Lisa from Chicago Jun 27 2020

Review for Dr. Saleh

O. T. Jun 27 2020

Review for Dr. Sanghavi

Dr Katsikas is very professional, caring, and friendly.

Jun 10 2020

Review for Dr. Katsikas

I like Dr. Rose. He is old fashioned but knows what he is doing. His office is very out dated and sometimes I have to wait 30 minutes or more past my appointment time before I can be seen.

May 27 2020

Review for Dr. Rose

Great Doctor

Calvin May 27 2020

Review for Dr. Katsikas

Dr. Wade is an awesome doctor. He isn't some BJC stooge as the last review claims. Many medical professionals, myself included, trust Dr. Wade for our healthcare, you should too.

May 19 2020

Review for Dr. Wade

He has always taken time and answered everything I needed. Compared to other orthopedic surgeons- he is so humble and kind it’s amazing!

May 14 2020

Review for Dr. Bassman

No testing whatsoever but insisted on a medication change for no apparent reason. Saw once and nurse after that. Good luck.

May 12 2020

Review for Dr. Shah

Very good, wonderful doctor

Jeff Gabriel May 09 2020

Review for Dr. Katsikas

If you are struggling with hormone imbalance Dr Dothager is the best to get you back on track. Her staff is very friendly. There are so many other services that she offers. You cant go wrong.

Kathy Apr 29 2020

Review for Dr. Dothager

Extremely knowledgeable and very helpful!

Apr 27 2020

Review for Dr. Siyam

Dr Hilary is very caring and does a great job, always there when i need her.

may moore Apr 06 2020

Review for Dr. Mannan-Hilaly

He and Dr Paries are two of the best doctors ever. Been seeing them for over 20 years. They show compassion concern and a sense of urgency. The are easy to understand and explain things very well.

Timothy Wright Mar 30 2020

Review for Dr. Katsikas

Very thorough in explanations and great bedside manner.

Mar 14 2020

Review for Dr. Katsikas

As expected, Dr K had reviewed my PSA checkup and offered his recommendation.

Mar 10 2020

Review for Dr. Katsikas

Dr E makes no effort to connect with his patients. He doesn’t listen, and is hasty in diagnosing. Prescribed $900 medication. He only said he could prescribe something else when I told him about the ridiculous cost. He has a job, not a calling.

Feb 27 2020

Review for Dr. Edelstein

Didn’t listen to any of my concerns and refused to change medications after I made it clear to him that I felt I was getting worse. He never took me seriously.

Feb 25 2020

Review for Dr. Arbaugh

Nancy L Jan 24 2020

Review for Dr. Sanghavi

The clinic was very efficient. The staff were pleasant and the doctor took his time with good explanations.

J v osborn Jan 11 2020

Review for Dr. Szewczyk

Hes a snake in the grass back stabbing sob just like all bjc drs

Jan 11 2020

Review for Dr. Wade

I have 4 children over a 10 year span and 1 has down syndrome. Dr. Morra is absolutely the best around. He is very pro active and has ALWAYS provided my children the best care.

MomOf4 Dec 29 2019

Review for Dr. Morra

Dr. Renato Rivera is a very caring, skilled surgeon. He performed a colonoscopy on me and explained things thoroughly both before and after. I would definitely recommend Dr. Rivera as a surgeon!

Dec 04 2019

Review for Dr. Rivera

Been seeing him since 2007 and I am 100% satisfied, Nurses perfect. Receptional needs attitude adjustment.

Ragsdale Nov 23 2019

Review for Dr. Florendo

Christina Robinson Nov 22 2019

Review for Dr. Koch

Best doctor ever!

Jeannie S Baudino Nov 07 2019

Review for Dr. Wade

Dr Wade always knows what is wrong with you and if he doesn’t he sends you to the best specialists he knows! I have complete faith that Dr Wade will always do everything in his power to fix what ails you

Margie Nov 06 2019

Review for Dr. Wade

Would not try and help me. Finally went to Champaign where they helped me and I’m a lot better. He wouldn’t listen at all

Oct 15 2019

Review for Dr. Cheema

Dr Hilaly is very professional and cares about her patients.

Aug 26 2019

Review for Dr. Mannan-Hilaly

Excellent physician and very knowledgeable. Cares about his patients and takes the time to listen to them

lois Smith Jul 18 2019

Review for Dr. Zajarias

Dr. Siyam is an amazing doctor. He was one that helped me with my diabetes! He treated me as family! Highly respect him and his knowledge! Looking to get back under his care after 3 years living somewhere else.

Jul 16 2019

Review for Dr. Siyam

I love Dr Dothager. His staff is always helpful, no problem getting an appointment and respectful of time. He listens, he cares. This is rare these days. I can’t say enough positive. I have also worked with him in the hospital setting. I think he is fantastic.

Jul 12 2019

Review for Dr. Dothager

It is a total pain getting thru on the phone but once you do the service is extraordinary. I see Rachel Rademacher P.A. in the office and she is the best I have found in this area.

May 17 2019

Review for Dr. Wade

Dr. Bassman is impatient and has little bedside manner. He rushes you through your appointment and doesn't like when you ask questions. The staff at his office is amazing. The ladies are all friendly and polite, too bad he is not.

May 08 2019

Review for Dr. Bassman

Absolutely great!!!

Apr 23 2019

Review for Dr. Moosa

he saved my life

Apr 03 2019

Review for Dr. Rodriguez

Apr 03 2019

Review for Dr. Burger

Dr Mutch has taken very good care of my wife after she was diagnosed with Stage 3 Ovarian Cancer. She has been in remission for 5 years

Mar 30 2019

Review for Dr. Mutch

He's very patient and talks to you when you have questions and made sure my husband got his stress test quickly before his surgery was scheduled. He's doesn't have you coming back for unnecessary visits, if your clear of any issues he doesn't need to see you unless you have a problem.

Mar 27 2019

Review for Dr. Vakassi

Mar 24 2019

Review for Dr. Katsikas

Dr. Dothager is very thorough in his assessments and prescribed treatments for my skeep apnea. I never feel rushed and am able to discuss things with hi..

Mar 21 2019

Review for Dr. Dothager

Dr. Hilaly is a very thorough and caring provider of care and seeking diagnostic procedures when indicated. I feel there is no stone left unturned.

Mar 21 2019

Review for Dr. Mannan-Hilaly

I have been a patient of Dr. Girgis for approximately 30 years. He has monitored my thyroid medication and has kept me in the proper level of this time. The last couple of years, Dr. Girgis has monitored thyroid cysts and is keeping a close watch to make sure they continue to shrink.

Mar 20 2019

Review for Dr. Girgis

Mar 19 2019

Review for Dr. Jones

Mar 18 2019

Review for Dr. Sensintaffar

Great doctor. Knowledgable, thorough and kind. Nurses and office staff are great. My blood sugar is in the best control in years!

Mar 10 2019

Review for Dr. Sensintaffar

R.H. in St. Louis, MO - Mar 02 2019

Review for Dr. Mutch

unbelievable knowledge base committed to you best care invests time necessary enplanes issues and options

james nations Feb 25 2019

Review for Dr. Nordlicht

Feb 18 2019

Review for Dr. Katsikas

Dr. Dothager took the time to listen to my needs throughout my experience with her. She made me feel comfortable and helped me through a difficult time.

Feb 06 2019

Review for Dr. Dothager

I have seen Dr. Arbaugh for a few years and would recommend him to anyone needing help. His staff is also very nice.

Toni L. Jan 28 2019

Review for Dr. Arbaugh

She is very thorough, very friendly, verry attentive. She addresses your problems and is quick to refer you if it's something out of her profession.

Pamela Prosser in Granite City, IL - Jan 21 2019

Review for Dr. Dewar

Best cardiologist around by far. He's the only one I trust!

Brenda in Centralia, IL - Jan 05 2019

Review for Dr. Shah

Very thorough and friendly. Explains condition and road to recovery.

Dec 07 2018

Review for Dr. Kee

Dr. Agarwal was amazing during my trip to the ER. He quickly came up with a plan to help me with my A Fib diagnosis and he was able to put my heart back in rhythm without a glitch. I would HIGHLY recommend him for cardiovascular issues. What an amazing and caring Dr!

Michelle in Effingham, IL - Nov 27 2018

Review for Dr. Agarwal

Met Dr. Matthew Powell and his team for the first time with my wife who has a new health issue. We were very impressed with the entire process. He came highly recommended from colleagues in the field and I can certainly reiterate that recommendation. Very pleased.

Timothy K in Chesterfield, MO - Nov 21 2018

Review for Dr. Powell

FULTON, MO - Nov 17 2018

Review for Dr. Powell

Very knowledgeable, caring, compassionate, good bedside manners, answers all your questions & explains things. She’s one my favorite doctors out of all my specialists.

Melinda Stidham in Fairview Heights, IL - Nov 07 2018

Review for Dr. Chiu

prescribed desonide ,it contains steroids, she gave me no warning about the use of this cream. it made a complete redness mess of my face!! stay away from her! I am still fighting her screw up!! what a nut

steve in smithboro, IL - Nov 05 2018

Review for Dr. Ducomb

I would never recommend this dr. He cut off my leg & only gave me 2 days of pain meds. He left me screaming in pain for 6 weeks & I now suffer from heart pains when I am stressed. He didn’t care that my family practitioner or my home health care nurse saw I was in distress & needed pain meds.

Tonya Ryan in Alton, IL - Oct 31 2018

Review for Dr. Moosa

Has been my cardiologist for over 3 years and I am very happy with his care. He takes time with patients, listens and works with his patients on the plan for their care and treatment.

O Fallon, IL - Oct 19 2018

Review for Dr. Scally

He is very informative. I trust him is usually very compassionate about the treatment.

Jane Schmid in New Baden - Oct 12 2018

Review for Dr. Scally

I have been a patient of Dr Gagen for a number of years and consider her the best Dr I’ve ever seen. Before I have picked my insurance plan I make sure she is taking it. Her staff has always been very pleasant and helpful.

Sep 28 2018

Review for Dr. Gagen

Most caring doctor in SO IL.

Centralia, IL - Sep 06 2018

Review for Dr. Gagen

Dr. Hilaly is very thorough and competent. She takes her time to listen and has great follow-up! The office staff is wonderful too!

Marcy Hitt in Glen Carbon, IL - Aug 25 2018

Review for Dr. Mannan-Hilaly

He is really an excellent doctor. You would be pleased with him

Joe Michaelis in Highland - Aug 24 2018

Review for Dr. Katsikas

patient Aug 21 2018

Review for Dr. Gagen

IL - Aug 06 2018

Review for Dr. Mahmood

I had two cataract surgeries by Dr. Edelstein in the Swansea office. He was very careful and informative and results were excellent.

Grace M. Jul 17 2018

Review for Dr. Edelstein

Dr Hilaly is a caring and meticulous practioner. I highly recommend her as a physician to anyone looking for quality care!!

Melanie Rhodes RN in Godftey, IL - Jul 16 2018

Review for Dr. Mannan-Hilaly

Nicole Jun 03 2018

Review for Dr. Dothager

Can’t say enough about Dr Morra and his staff Top Notch .??

Jun 01 2018

Review for Dr. Morra

Switched to him from a different Endocrinologist. He didn't make me feel like a number and explained things very well. His entire staff was excellent.

Stephanie in Collinsville, IL - May 25 2018

Review for Dr. Girgis

May 24 2018

Review for Dr. Bassman

I LOVE DR MOOSA!!!! He is so patient and compassionate and gets it done right!!! Best doctor ever!!

Alan Kronenberger in Belleville, IL - May 10 2018

Review for Dr. Moosa

Glenn H. in Fairview Heights, Il - Mar 22 2018

Review for Dr. Wade

Highly recommend. He is very experienced. He is kind and caring about your health. I've been treated by him for over 20 years. I wouldn't see anyone but him. He saved my mother's life.

Karen Hight in Freeburg, IL - Mar 16 2018

Review for Dr. Mohan

I have been a patient of Dr.Arbaugh for 16yrs. He has always explained what medication he is prescribing, and why. He listens to any concerns I may and answers any questions. His staff is very efficient and caring. I have, and will continue to, refer others to him. Thank you Dr. Arbaugh.

Barbara in Godfrey - Mar 11 2018

Review for Dr. Arbaugh

Mar 09 2018

Review for Dr. Bassman

Phyllis McNeil in Mascoutah, IL - Mar 08 2018

Review for Dr. Dothager

Sister Kathleen Mc Guire in Belleville, Illinois - Feb 25 2018

Review for Dr. Koch

columbia MO - Feb 16 2018

Review for Dr. Siyam

Dr. Reichardt is always kind, and makes sure to thoroughly explain all test results. He also makes sure all questions are answered and never makes me feel rushed.

Feb 14 2018

Review for Dr. Reichardt

Dr. Burger was patient with me as I brought in a full piece of paper filled with questions. I was extremely scared of a possible life-changing diagnosis and he helped ease my anxieties. I have recommended him to my family members as well.

Jess in Maryville - Feb 13 2018

Review for Dr. Burger

Be prepared for the treatment and detail rich explanation of an experienced physician. Very much unlike other physicians in this field, Dr Ducomb will NOT attempt to ‘hook you up’ with a pharmacological product with a myriad of frightening side effects.

MW in Illinois - Feb 06 2018

Review for Dr. Ducomb

Dr. Chiu knows what she is doing. Highly recommended.

Jack Austin in Fairview Heights - Jan 31 2018

Review for Dr. Chiu

I like the way Dr Beatty treats me as a person. He doesn't hesitate to send me to a specialist if needed.

Centralia - Jan 30 2018

Review for Dr. Beaty

She is a wonderful physician! I’m almost 60, so been through a few! Takes time with each and every one of her patients. Could not ask for a better or more thorough dr.

Julie Oliver in Sparta, Illinois - Jan 02 2018

Review for Dr. Salarda

Dr. Siyam has a very compassionate and professional way about him. He listens to his patients and does not rush through appointments.

Dec 31 2017

Review for Dr. Siyam

Dec 28 2017

Review for Dr. Reichardt

Shana in Highland - Dec 23 2017

Review for Dr. Burger

Bad bedside whistling joking jerk

Dec 22 2017

Review for Dr. Rodriguez

She is listed as accepting patients on Tricare site however isn't accepting new Tricare patients. Her office staff was rude and unprofessional. I'm sure she's a good doctor however her office staff leaves much to be desired.

Benton, IL - Dec 19 2017

Review for Dr. Gagen

Most certainly would recommend him.

Nashville, IL - Dec 06 2017

Review for Dr. Girgis

Debra R. in Springfield, IL - Dec 01 2017

Review for Dr. Cheema

I currently have transferred my care to Dr. Dewar. She is very personable, listens to your needs and concerns. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a new primary care provider.

Cindy McFadden in Greenville - Nov 25 2017

Review for Dr. Dewar


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