Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital

Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital is a medical facility located in Hollywood, FL. This hospital has been recognized for Labor and Delivery Excellence Award™.


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Labor and Delivery Excellence Award™

Labor and Delivery Excellence Award™ (2023, 2022)

Superior clinical care of women during and after childbirth

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Specialty Excellence Awards

Labor and Delivery Excellence Award™

Labor and Delivery Excellence Award™

2023, 2022

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Provider Reviews

We recently started bringing our newborn to Sunlife Pediatric Network and we're so glad we chose Dr. Zambrano to be our child's pediatrician! He is gentle, kind and patient. He is ready and willing to sit with us to answer all our parenting questions.

Feb 24 2024

Review for Dr. Zambrano

Dr. Weiss is an exceptional dermatologist and someone I have trusted for over TEN years. He is the only one I would trust with a CO2 laser on my face-a procedure that could be disastrous, even disfiguring if not done well. I was very, very happy with the results with Dr. Weiss. On top of this...

Sunny Mills Feb 23 2024

Review for Dr. Weiss

Rude office Staff, Catherine the office coordinator is an Idiot, Refuses to get on phone, Fire Her, zero confidence in Mark the alleged Dr

Catherine Sucks Feb 22 2024

Review for Dr. Sukenik

Dr. Bibevski and his team are the best!!!! I have no words to express my gratitude to Joe DiMaggio and to Dr Bibevski, my son had heart surgery and everything went really well. He was walking the next day and after 3 days we were going back home. Thank you all for your dedication and hard work!!!

Susana Rodriguez Feb 21 2024

Review for Dr. Bibevski

very confortable visit,excellent communications,excellent service

Marisol L. Feb 19 2024

Review for Dr. Barnavon


Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital

1005 Joe Dimaggio Drive, Hollywood FL 33021


(954) 265-5324

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital located?

Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital is located at 1005 Joe Dimaggio Drive, Hollywood, FL 33021. Find other locations and directions on Healthgrades.

Has Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital won any recent awards from Healthgrades?

Yes, Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital has been awarded with Labor and Delivery Excellence Award™ in the past two years.

How do I get in at Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital?

Phone number, appointment information, and directions can be found on Healthgrades Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital profile..

How does Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital rank in terms of safety and outcomes?

Healthgrades provides detailed information on hospital safety and outcomes for patients. Click here to learn more about hospital safety.

Contact Us

1005 Joe Dimaggio Drive

Hollywood, FL 33021


(954) 265-5324