Adventist Health Feather River

Adventist Health Feather River is a medical facility located in Paradise, CA. This hospital has been recognized for Pulmonary Care Excellence Award™.


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Pulmonary Care Excellence Award™

Pulmonary Care Excellence Award™ (2020)

Superior clinical outcomes in treating chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and pneumonia

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How well a hospital safeguards patients from potential complications

An event relating to foreign objects left in body during a surgery or procedure

11 ratings were as expected

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Provider Reviews

Deedra Bryan Jan 16 2022

Review for Dr. Weeber

Doesn't listen

Dec 21 2021

Review for Dr. Weeber

I have been a Massa patient for over 15 years. I feel extremely lucky to have him as my heart doctor. Always listens, always explains. I have complete trust in him.

Dec 21 2021

Review for Dr. Massa

She’s friendly, knowledgeable and compassionate. A lot of cardiologists aren’t very approachable, but she makes your concerns feel like the most important ones right then. She also keeps up on the latest issues and treatment.

Peter Nov 19 2021

Review for Dr. Babare

Knowledgeable, personable and takes as much time as needed. Wait times can be long, but she’ll spend as much time on your visit as needed to take care of everything.

Peter Nov 19 2021

Review for Dr. Krone


Adventist Health Feather River

5974 Pentz Rd, Paradise CA 95969


(530) 877-9361

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5974 Pentz Rd

Paradise, CA 95969


(530) 877-9361