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Provider Reviews

Excellent service, friendly and helpful staff. He was thorough and very clear about what was going on in my eyes. Absolutely impressed.

D. Hutcheson Nov 12 2021

Review for Dr. Kasuga

Surgery went well without complications. He took time after surgery to explain what he had done. Very kind.

Nov 11 2021

Review for Dr. Joseph

He will know Oct 22 2021

Review for Dr. Saini

Dr. Blair was our favorite Doctor. Our kids are now grown having their own babies and I would be thrilled to have Doctor Blair taking care of the Grands... Between he and Dr. Page in OB/Gyn, there was not a better combo

James Gill Oct 09 2021

Review for Dr. Blair

Oct 02 2021

Review for Dr. Anderson


Children's of Alabama

1600 7th Ave S, Birmingham, AL 35233

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