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SSM Saint Clare Health Center

Fenton, MO

I am from St. Louis Missouri, however I live in Bradenton Florida. I travel back to St. Louis several times a year to visit my family, and my doctor, Robert Morgan MD.

When I go in for a visit with Dr. Morgan, he sits down and listens to me. I'm sure he documents everything that is relevant to my health care, however first he listens and I think effective listening is huge part of getting an overall picture of my health history, or new problem.

I can conveniently contact Dr Morgan via email and I get a response within 24 hours. I am 57 years old, I know my body, I know when I have a sinus infection vs. a cold and he doesn't waste my time nor does he insist I come in for visit. Instead he calls in, or faxes a prescription. I appreciate that he considers my time and money as valuable as his.

Although Dr Morgan cannot treat me should I be emergently hospitalized, he can and will communicate with the health care team, which is fine with me. These days, patients are assigned to a hospitalist and I feel safer and more comfortable knowing my personal physician is taking an interest in my care and will intervene on my behalf if necessary. I am a nurse, and I know that a doctor makes a diagnosis based on objective data, laboratory and imaging results, all which can be faxed or sent via email to Dr. Morgan. The bedside visit is almost more a courtesy than part of the making a diagnosis.

Dr Morgan is a top notch physician. He has office hours and also sees his own patients at St Clare Health Center in Fenton. Again, I live in Florida, but for medical interventions I can plan ahead, I make a trip to St Louis. In fact, I made a trip to St. Louis a year or so again for out patient surgery.

I would refer Dr Morgan because I trust his ability to diagnose and treat patients accurately. His staff is very helpful. Even though Dr Morgan works for a corporation, SSM, he still makes me feel like a patient and fellow human being, not another co-pay or medical record.

Thanks Dr Morgan and staff for excellent care.

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