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I am writing to share my amazing experience with Dr. Joshua W. Long. I am a bariatric patient and started my journey back in 2007. I had a lapband, however, unfortunately in 2014 I had to have it removed. I was referred to Dr. Long in 2015 by my hairdresser, who was very pleased with the treatment and services she received from him. I will be eternally grateful to her and to God for putting me in the most competent hands I’ve ever been.

As I embarked on my journey to pursue bariatric surgery again, Dr. Long renewed my motivation and my respect for bariatric medicine. From the moment I met him and his staff, I was impressed at the professionalism, the high standards, the exceptional coordinated team effort and the level of care I received. Dr. Long took the time to listen to my situation and he allowed me to voice my fears and concerns as well as ask several questions. He treated me like a valuable human being. I was highly touched by his compassion as he laid out the plan of action for my treatment. During the first appointment, I cried tears of mixed emotion as I realized how much he really cared and as I witnessed his tremendous passion for his profession.

Throughout the journey, Dr. Long never talked at me, nor down to me. He explained his answers as I asked my questions. I originally decided upon the sleeve, then later changed to gastric bypass after months of research and self-reflection. Dr. Long was hoping I would change as it was in my best interest, however, he never forcefully said so. He was compassionate, encouraging and very savvy in his guidance. Dr. Long was extremely thorough in all of my pre-operative processes, he took the time to obtain necessary testing so that any risk may be mitigated. Although at times I was annoyed, I know he did so in my best interest.

On March 8, 2016, Dr. Long performed gastric bypass and my recovery was going well. Unfortunately, I suffered some complications shortly thereafter due to a genetic blood clotting disorder previously unbeknownst to me. Well, Dr. Long worked diligently and immediately to remedy my situation and he worked tirelessly with the hospital nurses to provide me with everything I needed to return to health. During the process, he continued to include me in the treatment planning process whether in person or by phone. Dr. Long came in to see me every single day while I was in the hospital – Saturday and Sunday included, taking time away from his family to fulfill his Hippocratic Oath. I was mind-blown that a physician would do this. He also called and checked on my status multiple times even late into the evening and wee hours of the morning. Dr. Long would make suggestions and would allow me to decide what to do, never telling me what to do. I will forever be grateful for this amazing surgeon who saved my life. I am humbled and touched that he would have such relentless determination to make me well again. He was just as thorough to get me well as he was in the pre-operative process. Never once was I afraid or anxious because I knew that I was in highly competent hands. I was discharged from the hospital as soon as I was stable, not a moment too soon.

I am doing amazingly well and I will continue my journey as a bariatric patient with great confidence now that I have an amazing surgeon with an amazing team as my back up. I did not have this experience with my lapband and now I feel very empowered that I have Dr. Long and my team walking alongside me as I embark a new bariatric path.

I am close to fifty years old and I have had a total of ten surgeries in my life, the first being at the age of sixteen. By far, Dr. Long is the best surgeon I’ve ever had and I’ve had several! He is compassionate, dedicated, and determined to provide the safest, high quality care possible. At my worst he was there every step of the way to restore my health and I look forward to having him by my side as I navigate the journey to optimum health. Dr. Long saved my life in more ways than one, I look forward to this exciting chapter in my life with my bariatric surgeon and team!

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