After working with a health coach and my doctor, for the last 2 years, charting my exercise and food intake, I had limited success. After a heart to heart with my doctor and then with my health coach, both suggested that perhaps I need a different tool to give me success and they suggested gastric sleeve surgery. Several weeks later my doctor called me out of the blue and said he had just attended a “get to know” the doctors in the new network. He said to me “Johnetta, I listened to this young man and he’s the one. I just know that he’s the one to do your surgery.” The reality of what he was telling me was this “it’s time to get real and make the call.” I made that call in March 2015 and have never regretted it. Like an addict admitting to an addiction, that was the hardest call for me to make. I cried and barely got through the telephone interview. Later, as I thought back over that call, I had a sense of understanding and of compassion from the receptionist I talked with and thought “if the doctor is anything like this, I’ve made the right decision.”

I met with my team at the Bariatric and Metabolic Center of Rockies-Parker Adventist Hospital, on March 18, 2015, I could not have been more impressed. After meeting with the dietitian, psychologist and nurse, I could not wait to meet Dr. Long. I was not disappointed. Dr. Long was sincere, genuine and took his time to listen about me and my weight and health issues. We went over each surgical option and I made the decision to have the duodenal switch. I was on my way!

I had my surgery September 1, 2015. Twenty two days later my mother died and I went through a very trying time. Dr. Long called me at home and asked how I was doing and what could he or the “team” do to help. In January, my father had a stroke and again Dr. Long called to lend his support and guidance through another of life’s trials. Time and again, Dr. Long or one of his team members has reached out and gone beyond the “usual” doctor/nurse/patient relationship to ensure my success but more than that to inquire and lend assistance for my well being, whether mentally or physically. I cannot say enough about my team. They get 10 stars out of 5 for being the best!

Dr. Long and his team have assisted me in every step of this journey and their positive attitude and atmosphere of the office make each visit a wonderful one. From the surgery day to my follow-up appointments, I actually look forward to seeing Dr. Long and having a health related and non-health related conversation with him-because he cares. Truly a man that followed his calling. I can only thank Dr. Long and his staff for giving me my life back. I have set some new goals for myself and look forward to walking a 5k and participating in a triathlon. Due to the compassion, guidance and support I receive from Dr. Long and his staff, I know I’m going to be alright!!!

I've included three pictures, the picture of me in the brown shirt and white pants was taken in 2010 and I weighed 459, the one of me in the green and blue shirt was taken July 2015 I weighed 413 pounds, then picture of me with the hot pink jacket was taken March 2015 and I weight 278. For a grand total of 175 pounds lost, never to be found again!!!

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