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I am currently 28 years old. My story started 10 years ago when I was just a senior in high school. I began having awful menstrual cycles and abnormal pains. To make a very long story not quite so long, I will say this - early on I had an ultrasound to determine I had cysts on both ovaries, some of which were hemorrhaging inside themselves. That was about 8 years ago around age 20. I was started on birth control to try to regulate these cysts.

Well, the following 6 years were filled with various birth control pills, shots, patches, etc. I've been in and out of hospitals and more doctors offices than I can possibly remember. My cysts continued to rupture and I continued to endure the pain. I lived off of an extremely insane amount of ibuprofen and heating pads. At the age of 26 I had a blood clot discharge that I had never seen or imagined in my life. It put me in the most pain I've ever felt and I nearly passed out. This happened as I was menstruating for the 5th consecutive week. I saw a local GYN and was told AGAIN that I'm too young to worry about anything, it's probably nothing, just take these TWO different birth control pills to get it under control... I had finally had enough!

After a lot of prayer and research, I was led to Dr. David E. Newman at GYN Care of the Carolinas. My life was changed from that very day on and I'm never looking back!!! He listened to me, he looked at the pictures I had, he reviewed all 8+ years of my medical history, he examined me, and we decided on a healthcare plan together. About 5 months later some strange pain started in my pelvic area. After seeing him about this, he decided it was time to do exploratory surgery and take a look around to see what was going on. My surgery was scheduled within the next few months. It was an out-patient procedure.

I did, indeed, have a very mature case of endometriosis. The scar tissue had completely covered and layered over my entire female reproductive organs. Dr. Newman used the Da Vinci Robot and firefly dye to remove every piece of scar tissue and cysts possible. That was in July of 2014. It is now September of 2015 and I've yet to feel that pain again. He assured me that I was not "too young" to know what I was talking about or "too weak" to deal with the pain that I knew I was feeling. He allowed my organs to function the way they are supposed to. He allowed me to stop living off of over the counter pain meds like it was candy. I haven't used a heating pad since before the surgery. AND he even has a plan for me whenever my husband and I decide to try to conceive. Whenever countless so-called doctors took all of my confidence and hope away, Dr. David E. Newman gave it back... I am forever grateful and will always recommend anyone to him that is having gynecological questions.

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